Wizard Beer Visits Dog Step

On July 31st,  the Bangkok Beer Guru had an opportunity to share a few beers with Khun Wat and a couple of members of his Wizard Beer team at Dog Step bar on Sukhumvit Soi 50, as they paid a courtesy call on the bar’s owners, Khun Mook and Khun Dream:

That’s Khun Wat in the dark shirt, with Khun Mook and Khun Dream at the right side of the photo.

Being served was Wizard Beer:

Khun Wat and team had just returned from Kingdom Breweries in Phnom Penh, where the beer is brewed.

My personal impression of the beer is that it tastes like a Traditional British IPA, with a slightly metallic taste, and despite the claimed hops as noted in the poster above, I seemed to be tasting the influence of traditional British hops such as Goldings or Fuggle hops.  Then again, most New World hops were ancestrally derived from those earlier British hops.  Wizard Beer is a good  brew.

It can be found at:

Khun Wat himself can be found at his bar in Pattaya –  see https://www.facebook.com/wizardbeerpattaya/

He indicated that his just-completed trip to Cambodia had been to implement changes to the process or recipe for Wizard Beer, that will adjust its future taste to some degree.


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