Q Initiative – The Future of Payments

The Bangkok Beer Guru is participating in an experimental initiative to launch a new digital cash payment system.  Participants have an opportunity to earn some future rewards, by helping to build a user network.

We invite interested parties to join the experiment:

Your invitation

I have heard the following criticisms, and I have added my response:



1. Criticism :  This sounds like a “Ponzi scheme.”  My response:  No, because nothing is being bought or sold.  It is more like a “chain letter” – but a chain letter with online tracking of network construction, such that participants are recorded, and have  a reasonable likelihood of someday being rewarded for participating.

2. Criticism:  This sounds like a scam, to make the originators rich.  My response:  The only way that the founders can get rich is if they make the new currency valuable for everyone who holds it – and all participants must already be holding and using the currency promised to them, before the currency can grow in value.

3. Criticism:  I am worried about the security of my personal information. My response:  To register, you provide only your name and an e-mail address, and a password.  DO create a new and unique password that you use only for this program.  They do not request or store any financial information, nor do they ask for your address or phone number .

4.  Criticism:  This sounds like a typical “get rich quick scheme” – which never bear fruit.  My response:  When you register – which takes less than 60 seconds – you already receive a modest allocation of future digital cash.  You won’t get rich, but you will probably earn a good ROI (albeit with delayed payout)  on your 60 seconds of time.  If you put in more time, to help build the network, you earn a bigger  future payout.  But – this is not a way to get rich. It is more like a way to hedge your bets, by giving yourself one more future option.

If you register,  I will verify you.   Step up, or step aside!    All are welcome!    Register here.


The Bangkok Beer Guru


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