First opened on 31 July 2019, Ned Kelly’s is a small neighborhood bar, located in a community food plaza, just off Sukhumvit Soi 50, opposite and just a bit past Tesco Lotus parking lot that is next to Onnut BTS Station.  .  With your back to Sukhumvit, you go 200 meters into the soi, past Rhythm Condo, to reach the pedestrian entrance to Beacon Square, on your right.

The Ned Kelly Bar took over the craft beer bar that used to be named – and originally retained much of the image and texture of – Dog Step bar.  But – by the end of 2019, new images and textures had been added, including several images promoting entertainment films about Ned Kelly.

The bar supports a mixture of Thai and foreign expats – mostly locals.  It’s a very neighborly place – very informal. and easy to strike up conversations with other customers.  Seating varies – indoors, they have stools along the bar, low chairs along the long wooden panel that runs along the window, and several tall tables and chairs along the wall that is in front of the main cooler for bottles and cans:

Outdoors, they have a total of about six tables, seating either two or four persons.

They have six draft beer taps, but they sometimes have fewer than six beer brands available on draft.   They do also sell craft beers (and a few Thai local lager beers) in bottles and cans  All in all, they have a quite extensive, and well-chosen, beer menu:

As you may see above, they also offer wines, spirits, and local mass-market Thai lager beers.

They do have a well-chosen menu, incluging Thai selections, and western foods – including pizza, barbequed pork ribs, German pigs-knuckle, and lasagna.

They also sell fruit smoothies, a limited selection of wine, and they can prepare cocktails.

In bottles and cans , they have about 75 craft beers – including some very good choices:

The bar has one large video screen – it was showing a English Premier League  football game, on the day that I visited.

This entire shopping plaza features shared toilets, which are located via a passageway located about 25 meters down the main pedestrian walkway from the bar – and then turn right.

Parking is located at the far end of the pedestrian walkway, farthest from Sukhumvit Soi 50.

The bar is named after a famous 19th Century Australian outlaw:

Most of the time, the bar has at least two Thai barmaids – who speak English, and are quite attractive.

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