June 2017 Bangkok Craft Beer Quiz – Where Was This Photo Taken?

Well we launched this website on 15 May 2017.   We presently have 50 craft beer bars listed at the site, and we have thus far had 164 website visitors take the time to register with the website.

In order to reward users who register with our site, we will now initiate a monthly Bangkok Craft Beer Quiz – which will always first be published on the 15th of every month.

The  first clue is:  the entire “devil’s head” image is located less than two meters off the ground.

The second clue is:  this is at an open-air venue (no air conditioning) located within 500 meters of an MRT or BTS station.

The third clue is:    This bar is located less than 100 meters straight-line distance from Sukhumvit Road.

Final clues:    No one is trying.  Final clues are photos.  Here is view of where the “devil’s head” image was located  in relation to the bar:

But – visiting the bar last evening, I noticed that the owners had relocated the image – which is now  clearly visible from almost anywhere in the bar:

So –  which bar is it?    We will leave this up one more week – with no more clues – and if no correct answer by then, we will discontinue this quiz – partly because this bar will be relocating  near the end of the month – to a new location about 150 meters from its current site.

For this first quiz, the prize will be a coupon for 500 baht off your bill, at the craft beer bar where the quiz photo was taken:  Here is this month’s quiz question:  at which Bangkok craft beer bar  was this photo taken?

The first registered user at our website to identify the correct Bangkok craft beer bar by name, by sending  an e-mail message with Subject:  “Contest Entry” to info@bangkokbeerguru.com will win the coupon, which will be sent to you via email.

You must be a registered user at our website to enter, and you must enter using the same e-mail address that you used to register at our website.  This contest is not about guessing – so each registered user may submit only one answer.  Any user who submits more than one answer will be automatically disqualified.

The  first clue is:  the entire “devil’s head” image is located less than two meters off the ground.

If no winning entry is received by midnight on 16 June, I will post a second clue, and I will then continue posting one further clue each additional day, until we get a winner.

If any Bangkok craft beer bar, or Thai beer distributor, or Thai brewery would like to sponsor this sort of contest, or any sort of similar online contest via our website, please contact me at steve@bangkobeerguru.com


The Bangkok Beer Guru




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