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Beers distributed by Beervana are imported by Burnside Co., Ltd, of Samutprakan

Brand Country
 The Bruery Logo - Thailand Distributor: Beervana The Bruery United States
 Bruery Terreux Logo - Thailand Distributor: Beervana Bruery Terreux United States
  Anderson Valley Brewing Company United States
  Deschutes Brewery  United States
  Epic Brewing  United States
  Founders Brewing  United States
(by Far Yeast Brewing Company)
  Ninkasi Brewing Company United States
  Rogue Ales Brewery United States
  Stone Brewing Co.  United States
  Tuatara Brewery New Zealand
  - Thailand Distributor: Beervana Belching Beaver United States
  Behemoth Brewing New Zealand
  Melvin Brewing United States
  Knee Deep Brewing United States
  Prairie Artisan Ales United States
  Pirate Life Brewing Australia