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Soi Krungthep-Nonthaburi 5 Bang Sue Bangkok 10800 Thailand


To start with, open daily 5:30 pm until 2:00 am

This bar had its soft opening on Friday, 8 December. I cannot tell you the street address, but – I can pinpoint the location for you with the following photo, which is taken from the Tao Poon MRT Purple Line Station – overlooking the escalator to street level at Exit 3 from that station:

That logo sign is:

The Thai text is   ยักษ์บาร์ -which translates to “Yak Bar” – with “Yak” referring to the demon giant in the Ramayana epic.

To reach this bar, descend from Tao Poon Station via Exit 3, to street level.  Directly in front of you will be this scene:

Update in July 2018: there are now two illuminated Yak Bar signs to help guide you from MRT Exit 3 to the bar:

You want to proceed underneath the 7-Eleven sign, and along the sidewalk that passes in front of that store.  You will then pass an ATM machine, and just past that ATM, you will see a circuit box, and then a narrow hallway entering the building – as seen in this view (the hallway has white walls):

  Once you are in that hallway, you proceed to the stairway at left rear:

You have to go up the stairs two levels, until you come to a landing with this image staring you in the face:

The bar entrance is to the left of this demon/giant image – you can see the door handle.  The image to the right is signifying the entrance to the men’s toilet, off camera to the right.  The entrance to the ladies toilet is off camera to the left side of this photo.

The following photo is taken from inside the bar – at right is the inside view of the entrance way door – as you enter the bar, the main bar with tap handles is to your right, with almost 30 craft draft beers bottles lining the bar, in front of the taps.

In the above image, through the glass entrance door, you can see the entrance door to the ladies’ toilet, with the image of a female Ramayana figure to the right of the door.

The above photo shows some of the indoor seating. There are six tables for four persons each, three tables for two persons, and a corner alcove with bench seating along the wall facing two tables, with low seats opposite the benches – seating total of  9-12 people.  There is no seating at the bar.

Thee is one video screen at the far end of the room, with a bandstand performer area in front oUpload Filesf it:

They have six draft beers, but four were Thai mass-market beers.  Otherwise, they had only Lamzing “Sauer Ground” (เซาธกราว) IPA, and one German wheat beer on draft. The 30 or so bottled craft beers on offer were all imported Thai Expatriate craft beers.  Bottled beers were not well chilled – I would guess maybe they were being served at 17° to 18°C.

Update in July 2018: I stopped in on a Friday night.  Good crowd, live music, but this was the tap list:

Just three lager beers.  They still have a line-up of craft beer bottles along the edge of the bar as you enter the main room, but it is now almost all imported expatriate Thai beers (not like the photo below, taken long ago):

Looking around the room on a crowded Friday night in July 2018, I saw no one drinking craft beer.  Everyone was drinking Leo.  So – notwithstanding their marketing slogan, this bar can only marginally be considered as a real craft beer venue.

This bar also has a rooftop dining area and “beer garden” – accessible by going up one more level, using the stairway.  The rooftop area can probably seat nearly 100 people, and it partly looks right into the Tao Poon MRT Station:

There is one video screen for the rooftop area.  Music here is modern Thai pop music, played at background level.

This venue does have a kitchen, with a fairly wide menu of Thai dishes.  The kitchen is in one corner of the roof – as shown in the following photo, which also shows the top of the stairway from below, at the left center of photo:

All menus – for both food and beer – are presently in Thai language – simply typed onto paper.   As a brand new bar, I think that they are still developing their “brand, style, and culture”.   They do have some interesting artwork in their stairwells and on stairwell landings:

The toilets here are very spacious and well-maintained.

I will be interested in revisiting this bar, once they have settled into a steady routine.

I want to thank Merle Vink for sending me a tip about this bar being open. As far as I know, this listing on my website is the very first on-line mention of this venue, other than on Merle’s Facebook page.

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