Wishbeer -The Street

Basement Level, The Street Ratchada, 139 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400

Open daily, 5:00 pm until midnight.

Having launched via a “soft opening” on 15 September 2017, this bar is still a “work in progress” – but they are serving, with an initial five draft offerings on tap, and roughly 115 different bottled beers in two double-wide beer coolers behind the bar:

Bottled beers on offer include some 50 different Belgian beers, from 21 different Belgian breweries, 16 different lager beers (including Budweiser from USA and Corona Beer from Mexico), 20 different wheat (or wit) beers, and 12 different fruit beers.  They also offer about a half dozen different  ciders, including one on draft.  Brewdog Punk IPA was one of the five draft offerings.

When I mentioned “work in progress,” what I was referring to was that – as of 18 September – there were no signs up identifying the bar, the bar is not listed on any of the mall’s directory boards, and there is not yet any glassware  – they are serving  in plastic cups.

To get to this bar, take the MRT subway to the Thailand Cultural Center Station.   Depart the station via Exit 4, and when you reach the sidewalk, turn left.  Walk for 200 meters, passing Big C Extra, and as you reach the end of Big C Extra, you will see The Street Ratchada to your left front:

The easiest way to reach Wishbeer Branch 2 is to walk in-between Big C Extra and The Street, down an alley that ends at a Home Pro store:

Just past the motorcycle in the above photo, there are steps down to the walkway that skirts the building.    One you reach the walkway, you want to go to a doorway to which an arrow is pointing, with a label annotated “IN”:

You will be entering the basement level of the mall.  You will want to guide down a corridor to your left, which empties into a large room full of all different types of seating.  Wishbeer Branch 2 is located in the near (south) end of the mall, on the side of that space that is farthest from Ratchadapisek Road.

The beer coolers are facing you, as you approach from the center of the room. They are effectively in a rectangular “island” space,  completely surrounded by a wide  bar, with high seats lining the bar all around.

The entire remainder of the basement is filled with all different sorts of seating  – with sufficient seating for several hundred people:

At this early stage of opening, there were no video screens, and no real music – just very faint background music originating from elsewhere in the mall.  Although there are many restaurants in the upper levels of the mall, there did not appear to be any food outlets nearby at basement level.   The bar did serve a dish of very spicy peanuts to each customer.

As you face the beer coolers, if you look to your left and upward, you will see signs pointing to the toilets – which are located just inside the mall entrance-way that I describe earlier:

There did not appear to be any provisions for smokers at this venue.

Covered parking is available at the mall – with the parking section at the  the north end of the building.

At the time of my visit, there were just two employees, working both behind the bar, and also carrying drinks out to nearby tables as necessary.  But – at this early stage – customers seated away from the bar had to come to the bar to place orders, which would then be served to them at their table.

On the date that I stopped by, there were at least 100 people seated at various tables distributed around the south end of the basement level.  The vast majority had no food or beverages – they were just sitting around chatting, or working on laptop computers.   During a one hour visit, I saw (and spoke with) only one other foreigner – who was also drinking at the bar.

This listing is probably premature, and not a fair treatment of what will presumably be a more elaborate drinking spot.   As a businessman, I have to applaud Jerome Le Louer (the French owner of the Wishbeer operation) for getting the bar up and running as soon as possible.  Once you are paying rent, every baht that you can bring in helps offset expenses. There were at least a dozen customers drinking at 7:00 pm on soft opening day three, which was a Monday evening.


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