Where Do We Go

Chok Chai 4 Road, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 1230


Open daily, 6:00 pm until midnight

This bar is well off the beaten path.  Although I walked to this bar from the Ladprao MRT Station,  it is not a particularly appropriate target for a shoe-leather  expedition – unless you are happy to walk a  good 3.8 km in each direction!

Travel to Ladprao MRT Station, and exit via Exit 4.  Upon emerging above ground, bear left, and then make a hard left, passing bright yellow storage lockers, and  a public toilet area.   As soon as you can, make another hard left, and walk to the end of the station walkway.  To your right front, you will see:

You want to cross over to the sidewalk/footpath that runs along the line of trees, and bear right, out to Ratchadapisek Road.   Once you reach the main road,  your immediate objective is to get to Ratchadapisek Soi 32.

As soon as you come to the road, there is a large motorcycle taxi station to your immediate left.   A wise man will now take a moto-taxi  down to a pedestrian overpass that crosses the road to deliver pedestrians to Ratchadapisek Soi 32.  I say this because there is no easy way to get to Soi 32, which is 1.1. km down the road, but which is on the other side of the divided highway, and it is about a four km ride to reach a turn-around point, to get back to Soi 32, coming the other way.

Whether you walk or take a taxi, you are going left out of the MRT compound, and then going down to the SECOND pedestrian overpass that crosses Ratchadpisek Road .  In the photo below, the first overpass is easy to see.  The second overpass, where you will cross, is in the far distance –  1.1 km away.

Once you reach that second pedestrian overpass, you take it.  As you are crossing, you will see Soi 32 below, to your left front:

At ground level, simply walk straight ahead for 40 meters to Soi 32, which is clearly marked, and turn right onto that soi.   Less than 100 meters into the soi, on your right, is a motorcycle taxi stand. The wise man will now take a taxi  2.6 more km to your destination.    Describe your destination as “KFC Makro at Chok Chai Soi 4” – they should recognize that.

Whether on foot, or riding a taxi, you will now travel east for almost two kilometers, to Ladprao-Wonghin Road.  You will know that you  are approaching that road when the road angles up and across a bridge:

If you are on foot, head for the stairway that you see to the right, in the photo above.  Once atop the bridge you can see  the intersection with Ladprao-Wonghin Road, about 125 meters ahead:

Whether on foot or by taxi, you proceed to that intersection and turn LEFT – going north.  Please note: at that intersection, the green signs  point to the RIGHT for Chok Chai Soi 4, and to the LEFT for Wong Hin.  You must go in the direction of Wong Hin.

You go north for almost 700 meters, until you see a big KFC restaurant on your right, with a pedestrian overpass in front of it:

Proceed past the stairway to the overpass, and turn right onto Chokchai Soi 4, keeping KFC to you immediate right.  You turn into the street where the red and white truck is coming from, in the photo below:

Where Do We Go bar is 130 meters into this soi, on the left side of the road, opposite a big Makro store.  Going down the street, you look for the first big cluster of large trees on the left, with a parking lot under them, in front of a strip of shops.   In the following photo, that area with large trees is behind and to the left of the yellow oval at left center:

Once you reach the tree area, Where Do We Go is the last building on the right, somewhat hidden in the corner, under a tree canopy:

It is lit up at night:

Entering the bar, you see:

As of  October 2017,  they have nine draft craft beers on tap.   Draft beers available are listed on a menu sheet attached to clipboards distributed around the room.

Pricing is very affordable.  Typical prices are 160 baht to 200 baht per pint.

Back along the window side of the bar, they also have a cooler containing some 45 bottled craft beers – including a good selection of  imported Thai expatriate beers and local Thai artisanal beers:

Close up of cooler:

They serve food here – various nuts, chicken wings, and fries – and then a menu of mostly Thai dishes.  I had marinated deep fried beef, and fried okra – good portion sizes for the cost.

Every customer gets a complimentary small bowl of salted peanuts, with free refills.

Indoors, the bar has two six-person tables, five tables that can each seat three or four guests, four seats at the bar, and five more seats along a counter against the windows, facing the street outside.  Outside the bar they have a three-person table on a raised deck, and a picnic-table style table that seats six.

Interestingly, on  busy nights, they fill up to standing room only, to the point where moving around is challenging for the staff  – and they actually have a set of  four red, rechargeable, hand-held radio receiver/transmitters (“walkie talkies”), so that the staff can communicate across the crowd:

They have live music here every night from 8:30 until midnight, EXCEPT on Thursdays and Sundays, when they play recorded music.   I was here on a Thursday, and I loved their playlist – which was all classic rock and Motown R&B music from the 1960’s and early 1970’s.    Temptations,  Smokey Robinson, Wilson Pickett – and Solomon Burke https://youtu.be/7OKAlBC-XWQ?t=7s

There is one video screen. The night I visited, it was showing a Thai nighttime game show, with sound turned off.

The bar’s decorations are intriguing.  The bar is evidently owned by a group of friends, led by Khun Dam – who also used to operate the now defunct Craft ‘N Roll:

Smoking is permitted only outside the bar.  Parking is available immediately in front of the bar, or in the Makro parking lot across the street.

To reach the toilets, you must exit the bar and turn right, and walk around a couple of parked cars, and then up a few steps to a passageway that leads to toilets that are behind the bar.

The toilets are nothing fancy, but they are clean and well-maintained.

Clientele here is mostly Thai.  The night I visited, of maybe 25 customers indoors, I was the only foreigner. I also did see one foreigner sitting outside  on the deck, smoking.

i enjoyed this bar – after walking almost 4 km to get here (for my third visit ever).  I did take a moto taxi back to Lad Prao MRT – the taxi stand is back on Ladparo-Wonghin Road, maybe 100 meters south of KFC.


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