The Three Musketbeers

503/20 Bamrung Muang Rd, Khlong Maha Nak, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok10100


Daily, 5:00 pm until midnight

This small bar is one of  the more remote bars that I ever visit, abased on the fact that I normally only go to places that I can reach on foot, from either a BTS or MRT station.   This bar is located  a full two kilometers from National Stadium BTS Station – virtually due west on Rama I Road from that station (although the road changes name to Bamrung Muang Road 500 meters east of the bar)..

It is a LONG walk, but simple – the bar is right off the sidewalk on the northern side of the road.

From National Stadium BTS Station, take Exit 1.  Because of the “up” escalator coming in from the west, you must bear right, down the stairs, and then, at street level, double-back around to your left, in order to walk west.   Within 100 meters or so, you will see a Holiday Inn Express off to your right – and you will know that you are on the correct path. Now you just have to walk  for 30 minutes.

About one quarter of the way to the bar, you will have to cross a large intersection using four separate zebra crossings between traffic islands.  Just short of halfway to your destination, you will pass under an elevated expressway.  At about 75% of the way there, you will walk across  a bridge, and – on the far side – you will have to divert right a bit, to use an elevated pedestrian overpass to cross  Krung Kasem Road.  This is the point where Rama I Road changes name to Bamrung Muang Road.  You next pass Hua Chiew Hospital, and then the Soho Mall, with Starbucks and Tops Supermarket.  You now have only 300 more meters to go.  Just before you reach The Three Musketbeers, you will come to a small, cubical police box – once you pass this box, you can see the bar up ahead on the right.

The bar is on the ground floor of single-wide shop house.  It has three “picnic bench” style tables that can each seat eight customers, plus there is a counter that can seat four near the tap area.

They have nine draft beers on tap – with offerings displayed on a chalkboard mounted on the wall:

and the selections are also available in menu form:

They also have a cooler near the entrance, containing about 30 different bottled craft beers – from Stone Brewing, Evil Twin, Brewdog, Coronado, Speakeasy, Changwon Express, Epic, St. Bernardus, and Full Moon (Chalawan and Chatri).

They do have a kitchen here, that offers a fairly limited (but substantial) menu:

I had the ribeye steak once, and it was quite good, although not particularly thick.

There is a toilet area in the rear of the bar – urinal to the right, behind a curtain, sit-down toilet to the left, behind a door.  Simple – but not places to dwell longer than necessary.

One video screen – which is usually showing a western film.  No music – at least during my visits.

No parking at the bar – but it appeared that parking would be available on nearby side streets.

There was  a table with one chair outside, in front of the bar – presumably for smokers.  I saw no ashtrays inside.

The bartender told me that the bar was owned by three Thai men – “Jim”, “Maew”, and a third name that I did not catch.

This seems to be mainly a place for local Thais, and it was fairly “rustic” and relaxed – but they have serious food, and some serious beers – so this is not a place to be dismissed. And – menus and display boards were in English, and the bar staff spoke English.




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