The Sportsman Bar & Restaurant

Sukhumvit Soi 13, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110



Daily, 8:00 am to 2:00 am

This is a large, two-level pool and sports bar located at the far northern end of the Trendy Office Building on Sukhumvit Soi 13.

It is located about 300 meters from Sukhumvit Road, on your right as you come from Sukhumvit, and slightly indented into the building, such that the main entrance (shown below) is sheltered from rain.

It is large place, on both the ground level, and the upper level, which can only be accessed from an exterior stairway.   This is probably the premier pool venue for expats in Bangkok,  with a total of 14 Brunswick competition-grade tables, spread over two floors.

They also have a competition darts area.

The main downstairs bar area is where craft beer is most easily available.   They most recently (May 20-17) had two craft beers on tap – Brewdog Punk IPA, and Deschutes Fresh-Squeezed IPA, at 250 baht and 310 baht per pint, respectively.

In bottles, they have Belgian beers Duvel, Kwak, and Triple Karmeliet, an assortment of Fullers beers, and from America, they have several Rogue and Anderson Valley beers.  All these craft bottles are at 260 baht each

Update:  On a recent visit, they also had several Stone, and Little Creatures ales, expatriate Thai craft beers from Changwon Express and Mahanakorn, Chiang Mai Red Truck IPA  – oh – and they had  North American mass-market beers Moosehead and Budweiser!!

The main ground floor bar area can seat about 60 people, with a mezzanine overlooking the main area seating perhaps another 20 persons.  There are at least half a dozen video screens, and they are continuously showing a range of sports programming.

They do not typically serve free bar snacks, but they do have a full kitchen, and they offer a broad menu of both Thai and western food (with a British tilt) at quite reasonable prices.

Service here is quite responsive.  A nice touch is that at all times, you have an updated billing slip in a cup at your fingertips, so that you can track what you owe.

The bar is British-managed – Paul Hatch is the overall head of the operation.  Here’s Paul:

As far as  parking goes, there is room  to park about a dozen motorcycles in covered space right outside the bar.  They also have an arrangement for vehicle parking worked out with the Trendy building  – in the words of bar manager Joe  Veriato:  ” We also have 2 hours free parking in Trendy for all customers then 30 baht an hour afterwards. Tip: If leaving car overnight ask to use our parking card BEFORE taking car upstairs. Trendy charges over 2000 baht for overnight parking, but with our card it’s free! ”

If you come on foot, the part of the walk to and from Sukhumvit down Soi 13 is not very reassuring near the Sukhumvit end – there is no sidewalk/footpath, the road is narrow, and there can at times be quite a bit of traffic.  Personally, I prefer  to come via Sukhumvit Soi 11 – taking the “tunnel” that runs alongside Villa Supermarket, and then traversing the 80 meter open space in front of a string of massage shops – and  you emerge onto Soi 13 just 40 meters south of the Sportsman.

Toilets here are near the back of the pool table area – clean and well-maintained.

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  1. Brantcmk

    Useful Thai phrases and words for Dining Out

    As a Thai native, I am proud to say that Thailand is a empire of gastronomic delight. The best way to enjoy an authentic taste of Thai is to head to the streets where the locals eat. Foods from street vendors are amazingly cheap; You can buy a bowl of noodle soup or a plate of pad thai for less than a dollar. Mom and pop restaurants tend to charge a bit more for their nice seating and fans, nonetheless, It may not cost more than $3 for a fulfilling meal. as the name indicated, Don’t assume simply because they cost so little, They must be poor. that is not the case at all. Street food in Thailand isn’t like fast food in the usa, but, it is great food cooked fast. Not trying any street food while staying in Thailand is almost as unwise as traveling all the way to Peru without Thai dating seeing the Machu Picchu.

    Everything features a downside, even though. Unlike hotel bistros and first class eateries, Most small diners and street vendors in Thailand don’t have an English menu or other teachers who speak fluent English. To avoid possible blunders and make sure you get what you wish, You’ve got to learn some basic Thai text.

    Learning Thai right off the bat FirstFor ladies, The pronoun you will use to call yourself is “chan, for guys, seriously is “pom, I may be familier with men use “chan” in certain cases, But only with their friends and relations. In a relationship with restaurant staff, “pom” Will be appropriate. likewise, In the Thai vocabulary, Womensometimes pronounce “ka” And men say “krub” towards the end ofa sentence. These words don’t really affect this is of what’s being said; They’re only used that allows you to show formality and politeness. (the many, i’m going to use “chan” and additionally “ka” In many illustrations, As I am ladies. So if you’re attractive potential partners, confident switch them to “pom” and / or “krub,)

    NotesThe vowel “u” In bad “gung” (Shrimp) Is pronounced like “oo” appearing in “prepare,

    our “grams” In which “gai” (hen), “gung” (Shrimp) and / or “gleua” (sodium) Is distinct like “he” inside of “playing golf, not like “r” present in “icon,

    The Thai promise for lamb is “Neua gae” But don’t bother trying to order it. It is not something you will see that at street vendors or small diners. Only some restaurants expert in Indian or western food sell lamb dishes. it not a popular choice of meat in Thailand.

    I’m conscious that the Thai word for crab doesn’t sound very appetizing. But you’ll be able to eat crab in Thailand, That’s what you have got to say!

    Learning Thai Common Thai DishesMost street vendors sell only their specialities. as an example, A noodle soup vendor doesn’t invariably offer any rice dishes. furthermore, if you try to order a papaya salad from a satay vendor, They would just look at youas ifyou’re within your mind. unfortunately, There’re also some street vendors and mom and pop shops that would cook virtually everything else you fancy. They most often have a huge glass box in front, Displaying the fresh foods they have. some places write their menu on a large whiteboad. Some should never. All you have to do is tell them what dish you would like them to prepare, And they’ll show you yay or nay. I understand why might be troublesome to many tourists. You may choose to try some simple dishes but can’t remember their names off the top of your head. you dismayed. Here’s a little list of basic Thai dishes that most general food vendors make day to day:

    NotesTo specify what kind of meat you would like with these dishes, Just say the meat after the dish. Here are a few examples: “Kao sleeping pad gai” (poultry fried rice), “bed se ew moo” (Pan fried noodles with pork), “mary yum gung” (spicy lemongrass soup with shrimp), therefore forth.

    unfavorable “ped” in just gaeng ped (ruddy curry) And cushion ped (spicy stir fry) Is not pronounced the same as the word “ped” indicates duck. requirements “r” In the first sort is a soft one, Like that you say “pinus radiata” and / or maybe “pepper, requirements “p” In ppos is what linguists call “Unaspirated” Which is very close to the “b” Sound but more or less not. this is tricky, informed!

    The Thai message for “prepared” is considered to be “yang, To order prepared meat, You have to say the specific meat before “yang, as an example, “Plah yang” techniques “cooked fish,

    A Few Extra Tips on Food SafetyDuring my twenty years of coping with Thailand, I don’t believe I had ever gotten ill from eating street food. Many big metropolitan areas in Thailand, significantly Bangkok, Might have the most horrendous traffic and pollution on the globe, But in the event of food, The hygiene quality are reliable at most places. yet, I don’t believe tourists should be too careless about it. To stay healthy on a trip and avoid food problems, Please take these methods:

    Street vendors that cook the food right in front of you are the most effective. Avoid outdoor places that let precooked dishes sit in trays all day. Usually some flies would sniff the heck out of those foods just before to them! Only some street vendors try and keep the flies away, So just it isn’t for those a risk. You don’t know what else those flies have sniffed on the way.

    possibly you have tried Thai food before in your hometown and think you can handle the spiciness. extremely well, Don’t be so sure this. My boyfriend always sales “moderate spicy, Whenever he visits a Thai commercial location here in California. If he instructions “smaller spicy” into Bangkok, and yet, I think he might burst into flames. To save your tongue from unanticipated level of spiciness, Ask for something a sneak spicy the first time you try Thai street food.

    “som tum” Or green papaya salad is perhaps the best Thai dishes ever created, Though always be picky about where to buy it. Avoid getting som tum from a street vendor and opt for a mom and pop eaterie instead. Some locals like to have raw fermented fish in their papaya salad, And street vendors don’t always clean their salad mortar after designing those orders. so,that being said, The bacteria from the raw fish would likely linger in the mortar until the end of the day. For locals, There’s no challenge with that, But i am not sure whether tourists’ stomachs could handle it. To enjoy som tum without taking a chance on your wellness, A mom and pop shop is a good way to visit. They tend to clean their cooking devices many times a day and evenhave separate mortars for different kinds of papaya salad.none, definitely not. So far I’ve written only two articles concerning the Thai language. Not like real revealing. nice dropping by. :)8 long ago from Serbia

    Dear university, I agree the pronunciation can be hard. to date, You have no other available choices but to PRACTICE. Be diligent and you will sound like a real Thai some day.

    October 9, 2020 at 6:44 am Reply
  2. Joe Veriato
    Joe Veriato

    Hey guys, just an update on some of the info above from one of the managers at the Sportsman bar. We now have 3 local craft beers including Asoke Ale, Red Truck and Mahanakon. We also have 16 American bottled and draft craft beers and Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA is now 290 baht inc. We also have 2 hours free parking in Trendy for all customers then 30 baht an hour afterwards. Tip: If leaving car overnight ask to use our parking card BEFORE taking car upstairs. Trendy charge over 2000 baht for overnight parking but with our card it’s free! 🙂

    June 10, 2017 at 7:49 pm Reply

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