The Ale – Craft Beer and Sport

Whizdom 101, The Third Place, Unit 115, 1st Floor, 101 Sukhumvit Road, Bang Chak, Phra Khanong, Bangkok, Thailand


Open daily, 10:00 am until midnight

This bar was opened in January 2018.  It is located at street level, at the exterior of The Third Place 101, which is next to True Digital Park, which occupies a large portion of  Wisdom101 Shopping Mall.  To reach the bar, travel to Punnawithi  BTS Station, then use Exit 6 to reach the Skywalk.  You must cross a Sukhumvit Road overpass in order to reach the actual skywalk.

You then walk about 250 meters until you see two elevated exit pathways, going to your left.  Take the second (farthest) pathway, which leads to the entrance area for Wisdom101 shopping mall.   As soon as you can (after about 40 meters), turn right, and walk another 70 meters to the mall entrance way.  Enter the mall, and then walk A LONG WAY along the mall floor – probably about 400 meters.  Any time that you face a choice while walking, always guide to your left. You’ll know that you are on the right path when you pass a Swenson’s ice cream store on your left.   Stay to left after passing Swenson’s.

About 120 meters past Swenson’s, you come to what amounts to a dead end:

At this point, you must stay to the far left – and after passing the last shop on the left, you will see a mall exit:

Walk through and out the exit shown above.   You will then see a McDonald’s restaurant to your front left, and a set of escalators to your right front:

You are now close to where you will need to walk to the escalators, to your front right.  The following photo shows the escalator lobby, with the McDonald’s in the background:

What you need to do is take the DOWN escalator in the above photo, which is the first escalator to the right of the two escalators that go uphill.  When you reach the bottom, you will see The Ale to your left front:

The bar has blueish exterior panels, and yellow external stools.  The main interior to the bar has about twelve tables that seat three or four visitors, six stools at the main bar, and seven stools that circle a support pillar:

The photo below shows several of the tables, and at the far side, it show the “VIP” room – which is behind the video screen.  The main interior room has two such video screens (one in the photo above, and one in the photo below).

Here is what the VIP room entrance looks like, when they open the access door:

Inside, the VIP room has another video screen, and it seats about a dozen people.

The photo below shows the interior of the building closest to the escalators:

The Hoegaarden station has two different draft Hoegaarden taps, with a draft Budweiser tap in-between them. The Big Wave cooler at the right contains many bottles of Maisel’s Weisse beer, several bottle of Brewdog Punk IPA, a good stock of Kona Brewery’s Big Wave  Golden Ale, and some other ales.   There is another cooler full of bottled beers across the room, behind the bar.  Among other beers, it has a healthy supply of Australian Feral “Warhog IPA”.   There are also five Belgian beers on tap at the main bar.

You can also access this bar from the ground level of the Sukhumvit Road sidewalk, by taking a vehicle entrance pathway that is located about 150 meters northwest of Sukhumvit Soi 101/1.  Walking, you can turn right just past the guy seated with the yellow T-shirt in the photo below:

If you are driving, you want to turn in so that the spirit shrine shown below is one your left:

This roadway leads to a Tops Marketplace that is situated underground, below the McDonald’s restaurant show at the rear of a photo above.  You walk along a wide sidewalk that runs alongside the roadway – and passes first a True Digital Park mall entrance on your right:

The footpath next passes a restaurant to your right:

As soon as you pass the above restaurant, the footpath turns right, and after 50 meters, you come to the The Ale on your right:

  The windows in the photo above are actually the windows of the bar’s VIP Lounge!!

They serve a good menu at this bar.  Here are the main pages of that menu:


Soups and Salads:

Burgers and Side Dishes:

Main Dishes and Pastas:

Voluminous parking is available inside the Wisdom101/True Digital Park Mall complex.

In order to reach a toilet, exit the bar and turn right.  Go UP the escalator, and upon reaching the upper level, travel twenty meters to your right front, to a short passageway.  At the passageway’s first turn to the right (five meters in), and up a short stairwell, you will see ahead:

The bar plays good pop music at reasonable level.  Most evenings, the video screens are well-stocked with British Premier League football games.  At least on Sunday nights, there are two main waitresses – who can handle English quite well.

The craft beer collection at this bar is fairly basic,  with maybe 40 to 50 total different beers – many of which are German wheat beers and Belgian light ales.

All in all, this is pretty nice place.  They do take credit cards, and they are open from mid-morning until midnight.


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