Taproom 26

51 Sukhumvit Soi 26, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110



Daily, 5:00 pm until midnight

This bar is located in a complex that also contains a coffee shop and cafe, a co-working facility, and a hostel.  It is a sister facility to the Taproom outlet at Ari.

The bar is located on Sukhumvit Soi 26, some 375 meters from Sukhumvit Road, and about a ten minute walk from Phrom Phong BTS Station.  To reach the bar, travel to that BTS Station and Exit via Exit 4.  When you reach street level, double back to your left, so that you are walking  away from the Emporium.  You will cross several small sub-sois, and you will then come to Soi 26, which is clearly marked.  Cross this street, and then pass behind this series of electrical and telephone switching cabinets:

Walk down Soi 26, some 375 meters.  There will come a point where  – on the OPPOSITE side of the street, you will see the word CRAFT in large letters on a wall:

This is sheer coincidence, and has nothing to do with craft beer, but it happens to be almost directly opposite the “One Day At a Time” complex, which looks like:

Where you will enter is via a walkway that you encounter just before you reach the traffic cones in the photo above.  Here is that walkway:

There is also a sign:

You will have to walk back along the walkway about 25 meters, along the outside of a coffee shop that you can see through the windows.   You will come to a spot that has tables outside, in a sort of alcove – the entrance into the Taproom is from that alcove, via a door that makes you do a 180 degree turn to your left, in relation to the direction  in which you were walking when you approached.

The Taproom is a large room with a high ceiling:

One wall is dominated by their tap list – which represents the 26 draft beers that they offer on tap.

They do have a cooler off to the far right side of the bar as you face it, and it has few bottled beers in it, but I saw no listing of bottled beers available on the beer menu – just a note at bottom of the beer menu,  inviting customers to speak with their server,  if they wanted to know about bottled beers.   Then again, this is TAP-room, so I suppose that they want to primarily emphasize draft beers.

They have several types of seating, including flat-top wooden stools at the bar, which you can just barely see at the bottom of the photo above.

In the photo below, you can see someone exiting the bar via the doorway into the alcove.

That doorway is also where you need to go to access the toilet area.  As soon as you are standing in the alcove, face left, and the narrow passage that leads to the toilets is at the far side of the alcove, which is only a couple of meters wide.   It is easy to miss the sign pointing to the restrooms – which is in a shadowy spot – in photo below, the middle panel points left to the restroom, which was clean and well-maintained.

All seating  in the bar is spread out, so that there is a lot of room to move around:

There were a total of eight tables -that could seat about 30 persons, plus ten stools at the bar.  In the alcove outside, there was seating for about ten persons.  Smoking is permitted only in the seats outside.

The dispersion of tables, and even the spacing between bar stools, seemed to discourage striking up a  conversation with a stranger – and yet I did make the acquaintance of several Thai men sitting nearby at the bar.   So – it is not an unfriendly place.   Based on my observations during the few times that I have visited, the clientele here is about 70% Thai young professionals, 30% foreign expats.

There was a live band performing when I visited on a Saturday night – vocalist, guitarist, and drummer:

The music was western pop music, played at moderate level.

They serve a full range of beers, and the offerings are also on a paper menu:

Apologies for the poor photo quality.  Things to note are at  bottom. Pricing here is ++, which means an additional 18% will be added to your bill.  The other thing to note is that they offer tasting flights – six glasses of your choice for 926 baht, or ten glasses for 1,526 baht.

As a complimentary snack, each guest is served a large ceramic mug filled with freshly popped popcorn:

Another unique touch is that for each beer that you order, you are given a small tag that tells you about that beer:  Two examples:

This photo gives you an idea of the size of each tag:

They do have a full  kitchen here, serving both western and Thai dishes.

There is an alley than runs adjacent to and in parallel with the approach walkway, and it  seems to serve as a parking location – but it appeared be one way, and I saw no entrance.

The bar manager is Khun Ahn, and he seemed to be quite attentive.  The General Manager of the bar, Joanne Simpson (“Jo”) is Swiss.

This is a nice bar.   But – you have to know just where you are going, in order to easily find it.

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