Staff Only – Never Tell the Boss

74/78 Soi Vibhavadi Rangsit 16/10 Bangkok, Thailand 10900


Ope daily except Wednesday, 5:30 pm until 11:30 pm

As of October 2018, this bar is evidently only open sporadically, for special events.

This brand new taproom, which had its soft opening on August 1st, 2017, is located directly above (upstairs from) the 2203 bar.  Both venues are located about one kilometer west of the Ratchadapisek MRT Station.  From that station, use Exit 1.  Once you step onto the sidewalk from the station, turn right, and walk 60 meters to Ratchadapisek Soi 19.  Turn right, and walk 80 meters to a “T” Intersection, with a 7-Eleven store “crossing the T.”   Turn left here, and walk 125 meters until you reach an intersection marked as shown:

Turn right here, at Soi 16/32.  You now have a 900 meter walk ahead of you, walking west on this soi.  You will eventually see on your left a residence called SMC, with this sign at the sidewalk:

Once you are past this sign, start looking ahead and up, for a pair of signs (illuminated at night) – one for Pier 39 (another restaurant), with a smaller sign below it, for 2203:

These signs are above the entrance to a soi – you want to take a left into that soi.  As soon as you make that left, you will see in the distance, on the right side of the soi, an illuminated square sign for 2203:

In the photo above, that sign is behind and above the silver SUV – it is a red sign, with white lettering – about 100 meters into the soi – here’s an enlargement of the relevant section of the photo above:

You must walk 20 meters PAST that sign, to the entrance for 2203:

And then – you need to look to the right of the restaurant entrance, and you will see an unmarked door – indicated by the red arrow in the photo below – this is the entrance to the Staff Only bar:

Upon entry, you will need to climb a steep set of stairs (where lighting is dimmed):

At the top of the stairs, you turn left, and then enter to your left through a glass door, where you will see:

Go through the wooden and glass doors,and you are then inside Staff Only – Never Tell the Boss.

The bar is roughly 80 meters in size.  It features 15 taps – one of which was Leo beer, with the remainder being either craft beer or cider.   The bar does not offer any bottled beers (its is a “TAP room”).  The taps are located on the wall opposite the entrance, with a description panel with pricing displayed above the taps:

The bar can seat about 30 people, with three seats at the bar, directly in front of the taps, a large table in the middle of the room seating 12-14 people, seven seats along a wide counter that runs along one wall, and one L-shaped table that could seat about six persons.

There is one video screen mounted high at the end of the room opposite the beer taps – which was showing a European football match (but with sound turned off) when I visited:

They have recent pop music playing at moderate level – and their sound system is quite unusual.  It is a tall thin speaker, rising out of  a cylindrical amplifier console:

It manages to fill the room with sound, but if you put your ear up right next to the “tube” there does not seem to be any significant volume being emitted.  The room is mostly bare concrete walls, but this sound system somehow prevents echoing reverberation.  Interesting.

There is toilet accessible via a doorway  set into one wall:

The toilets are spacious – and – being brand new – are spotless.

There is no smoking in this venue.

There is no nearby parking, and they actually have a formal promotion that runs through the end of August:  if you arrive via public transportation (which seemed to be interpreted as:  anyway other than by automobile), they will give you your first glass of draft beer for free!

This bar owned by the same owner as the 2203 venue downstairs from it, with the concept that serious drinkers can head upstairs to the taproom, while leaving the restaurant  patrons downstairs to dine in relative tranquility.   Downstairs, 2203 still has seven draft craft beers on tap (five of which were participating in Captain Barrel’s “Journey of La Trappe” promotion), and they also have a cooler full of bottled craft beers.

One other nice touch at the Staff Only bar is that they have a dispenser and large plastic cups at the end of the bar for chilled water – offered at no cost.

On my visit – soft opening night – the clientele consisted of about 30 Thais, and two foreigners (myself being one of those two).

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