Pijiu Bar

16 Soi Nana, Pom Prap, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100

Closed on Monday. Tuesday to Friday, 6:00 pm until11;30 pm. Saturday & Sunday, 5:00 pm until 11:30 pm.

This is a small, compact bar, located near Chinatown – the name “Pijiu” is the Mandarin Chinese word for “beer”.  The bar is owned by Brian Bartusch (American) from Beervana,and managed by Thai manager “Champ.”

The bar is leas than ten minutes walk from Hua Lamphong MRT Station.But – it lies in a confusing part of town, where it is very easy to get disoriented,and many roads look alike.  So – a lot of this post is about how to efficiently find the place.

Exit Hua Lamphong MRT Station using Exit 1, and proceed straight ahead for about 40 meters – curving a bit to the left. Then – at the very first “zebra” crossing that you come to, turn right and cross the street.  You the need to continue straight.  You will be crossing several streets and then crossing  bridge, with traffic on your right, and a barrier to your left.  If you look high up, you will be walking directly toward a towering hotel with the name “PRIME” clearly visible on the roof:

In the above photo, you will be walking to the left of the two streams of traffic. Here’s what it looks like when you are walking, at night:

You will proceed on and cross the street that separates you from the hotel, and then bear right.

Proceed ahead, and you will curve left, coming to a big intersection, with one road going sharply left, one road departing the opposite side of the intersection, and two roads off to your left front.   If you cross the first road going sharply left, you will see the name sign for the second of the two  roads in front of you – in photo below, see the blue arrow sign, behind the bus, and above the red sign in Thai language:

The blue arrow sign reads “Maitri Chit Rd” – and that is the road that you need to take, staying on the near side sidewalk.  You will walk down that road for 250 meters.  There are some driveways and parking area entrances, but there are only two real alleys coming in from the left – one at 125 meters, and the second one at 250 meters, which is where you will turn left.   You will see an illuminated  white sign with black letters saying “Thep Bar” and pointing left, and father away, a sign with red lettering, in Thai and Chinese.  You want to go left, into the alley that lies in-between those two signs.

It is a sinister-looking, dark alley – but it is only 50 meters long.  When you reach the end of the alley, you will come to a (relatively) brightly lit street.  Look across the street and to your right – and 20 meters away,  you will see the Pijiu Bar:

A clear daytime picture:

This is a very small bar.  One table seating four persons, three tables seating two persons each, and five seats along a bar counter along one wall.  There is also an ornate traditional wooden Chinese sofa that seats three.   So – seating for 18 customers, on a normal night.   They do have the ability to add tables and seats on weekends – there is some space in front of the bar  – but I doubt that the place can hold much more than 25 customers.

They have five draft beers on tap – with wall panels describing what is available:

The taps are along the the wall, behind the bar:

Another view:

There is also a double-wide cooler, containing roughly 40 bottled craft beers, plus some ciders:

They serve each customer a small dish of some sort of puffed up nut, slightly salty.  No serious kitchen here, but they do offer a “China Town Cold Cut” platter of meats for 300 baht:

The music here is vintage instrumental jazz, played at moderate level.  No video screens.

There is one toilet, to the left of and behind the bar, underneath the stairs.

No smoking inside the bar, but there is a table and chair for smokers just outside the bar, on the sidewalk.

Parking is available along the street outside.

Clientele here appear to be about evenly mixed between Thais and foreign expats.  Being located in an out of the way spot, it is unlikely for any foreigners to just “stumble past” – they have to have come here on purpose.

The bar seems friendly enough – it is not busy most nights, and the manager and bartenders speak English well, and seem happy to strike up a  conversation.

Happy Hour 6:00 pm until 8:30 pm – draft pints for 200 baht

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