People on Pause

106 Lad Phrao-Wonghin Road, Lad Phrao, Bangkok 10230


Open daily, 10:00 am to 12:45 am

This is a two-story cafe, restaurant and bar, located about 500 meters east of Wat Lat Phrao, on Ladphrao-Wonghin Road.  The ground floor is  a coffee and pastry cafe, with an upstairs section that is a craft beer taproom and sports bar.

Getting here on foot is long hike from Lad Phrao MRT Station – a good 2.5 km.  Exit the MRT Station using Exit 4.  Walk out to the open driveway in front of the station, and you will see a four-section (square) overhead pedestrian bridge that “squares” above the Lad Phrao-Ratchadapisek intersection.  You want to climb the nearest stairs, and continue waking straight ahead, over Ratchadapisek Road. Once across, you dog-leg slightly to your right, then descend the stairs, and then continue walking straight ahead. along Lad Phrao Road.

You will immediately cross Lad Phrao Soi 23, and continue straight ahead for one full kilometer until you reach Soi 37.  You then have to guide left onto a side-branch off the main road, past Soi 39 to Soi 41 – then turn left.  From this point on, you simply follow the main flow of road traffic – which is all headed to or past Wat Lad Phrao – for another full kilometer  to the Wat.  The road actually passes between two sections of the Wat complex.  As you continue on past the Wat, you are actually on Ladphrao-Wonghin Soi 23, and you walk on another 120 meters to the main Lad Phrao-Wonghin Road.  At that road you turn right – and walk 20 meters to an overhead pedestrian bridge that crosses the road.  Oddly, the stairway to the overpass COMPLETELY  blocks the sidewalk, and you have to walk on the street to reach the stairs.

On the far side, after your descend to street level, you must double back 180 degrees to your right, and continue waking for another 350 meters.  As soon as you cross Lad Phrao-Wonghin Soi 8, People on Pause is immediately on your left.

Here is the front of the venue, viewed from the opposite direction:

Once you enter the venue, you are in the coffee shop/bakery/cafe part of the business.  Viewed from the entrance:

The seating section at rear of ground floor:

Toilets for the venue are down short hallway behind the bakery counter (red arrow points to that passageway):

The craft beer taproom is on the second floor, which is accessed via a wide wooden staircase that is immediately to your right when you enter the shop:

The entrance to the upstairs section overlooks the ground floor:

The brown wooden surface at left in the above photo is the entrance-way door.  In the above photo you can also see the outdoor seating through the windows – there are seven two-person tables on a raised wooden deck, overlooking the sidewalk.  Smoking is permitted only in the outdoor seating area.

View of the second floor seating area:

Upstairs table seating consisted of six tables for two persons, plus two tables for four persons each.

There is one large video screen that is generally showing a football match.  There is also a  seven foot pool table at right rear, and a dart board.

There is a bar running half the length of the room, with eight seats at the bar.  Behind the bar are twelve draft beer taps – although only ten were in use on the evening of my visit.  A closer look at the taps:

The beer tap menu was also displayed on the wall, next to the entrance to the second floor:

There were some beverage cooler cabinets behind the left side of the bar, but there were only a couple of bottles of Full Moon Chatri IPA in them, along with a large number of bottles of Singha beer, as well as a stock of American Budweiser beer, and a bottle or two of Corona.

They serve a full menu here – all of which appeared to be western dishes.  But – my first two selections off the menu were not available.   I did finally order some spaghetti Bolognese – which was  very good – as well as a smoked salmon salad – which was also good – and very large.

Music here is pop music from the last thirty years, played at moderate level.  On my visit I was the only westerner, so I presume that the clientele here is mostly Thai.

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