Loft Bar – Bangna

58 Soi Bangna-Trad 23. Bangna, Bangkok 10260

082 -789-3663

Open daily, from 4:00 pm until 1:00 am

Let me start this bar listing off by saying – this is a GREAT bar!   I was very impressed by this place.  I just wish it was located closer to central Bangkok.

Important note:  There is much INCORRECT information  online, about the location of this bar.  This includes Google Maps, which incorrectly places the bar 300 meters further along Bangna Trad Soi 23.

The Loft Bar is located in the immediate vicinity of Central Plaza Bangna, on the second floor of a commercial plaza called Bizzo. It is perched above a Japanese restaurant, facing onto Bangna-Trad Soi 23:

This bar is located opposite parking garage Exit 4 from Central Plaza Bangna.   From that exit, you see the scene above.  To reach the bar, you climb the steps leading to the Japanese restaurant, onto the walkway, and then skirt around the restaurant, to the left in the photo above (behind the black hand railing shown above the automobiles in the photo above) . You continue skirting the building – keeping the building on your right – until you are behind the building, where you will see a stairway. Climb this stairway, which will deliver you to the front entrance of the Loft Bar.

To get to this bar, travel via BTS Skytrain to Udom Suk Station.  Exit via Exit 5 – at street level, double-back around to your left, and you will be standing is front of a 7-Eleven store, at a  very busy bus stop. There is a free shuttle bus that runs from this Udom Suk BTS Station bus stop to Central Plaza Bangna, from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm.  Here is its operating schedule, with varying time intervals between shuttles throughout the day :

At the Udom Suk end, the bus stop is EXTREMELY busy in late afternoon/early evening – with perhaps six or seven buses of all types stopping there every ten minutes.  The white Central Plaza shuttle bus is easily recognized (I took this photo at the Central Plaza end of the route):

The bus seats 25 passengers, and has stickers everywhere – in Thai language – stating that standing is prohibited. Nevertheless, when I boarded at about 6:15 pm, there were 25 seated passengers, with another 25 riders standing.  In rush hour traffic, the trip to Central Plaza took 19 minutes.

Once you step off the shuttle at Central Plaza Bangna, you will be disoriented – the bus takes a convoluted route through the Plaza complex before it parks, and disembark passengers.  What you need to understand is – you are already at the correct end of the mall to reach the Loft Bar – which at this point is probably only about 150 meters from where you are standing.  But  – there will be no sign of which way to go.

What you should do is follow the stream of passengers into the nearest mall entrance.  Once inside, you will see a KFC restaurant to you right.  Stay to you left, and as soon as you can, turn left to a mall exit, with stairs on your left – and follow the stairs down to the parking garage.  At the first stair landing that exits into the garage. exit and bear left – and walk about  50 meters to the automobile exit leading to  Soi 23 – which is Exit 4.   When you reach the street, look slightly to your left, and across the street – and you will see the scene in the first photo of this article.

Remember – if you will plan to also use the shuttle bus to return to Udom Suk station – you will need to retrace your route in reverse – and the shuttle stops running at 10:00 pm (I believe that the last return shuttle to Udom Suk departs Central Plaza at 9:45 pm – I took that shuttle, and it had only about half of its seats full).

Bangna -Trad Soi 23 is  a wide street, with very high curbs on both sides.   Traffic here is constant, and fast-moving, with no crossing points near the Loft Bar. You have to pick your crossing moment carefully, and move quickly.

Once you enter the Loft Bar, you find yourself in a very pleasant scene – it is a large room – perhaps 25 x 30 meters – with a high ceiling – perhaps  seven meters.  The entire space is full of artificial plants, hanging decorations, and many widely-spaced  seating “clusters” – each with a low table, and four soft, comfortable seats:

In the main bar, there area total of 13 tables, with four seats each.   There is no seating at the bar.

The l-o-n-g bar has two separate tap trees, each with ten draft beers on tap:

Note the “Journey of La Trappe” promotion at lower left in the photo above.  For more information about this promotion, please see

The bar has a well-illustrated beer menu, but without any pricing information:

I have shown only four out of the ten total pages of the menu.  But – it turns out that they have MANY more bottled beers than are shown in the menu.

This bar has a separate outdoor, open-air seating area, on a deck overlooking the parking area:

This outdoor area has nine raised tables with four wooden chairs each, plus they have a collection of low-backed extra chairs that can add a fifth and sixth seat to any table that needs an extra chair (one such  extra seat is at left end of the nearest table in the photo above).

The other feature of this outdoor area – which has overhead cover – is that it has a bar, behind which are EIGHT large beer coolers, seven of which contain bottled beers of every description.  I could only fit five of the eight coolers into the photo below:

There is ample free parking available throughout the Bizzo commercial development:

There were no video screens outdoors, but there were two large video screens indoors – one on each side of the room.

They evidently have live music every night – with just a duo most night, but with a full band on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The bandstand is next to the doorway that leads to the outdoor deck seating area:

The two Thai men who performed the night of my visit – one on guitar, the other a vocalist who tapped percussion on a crate upon which he was sitting (!) – were very unassuming – but they were quite good.  They performed mostly older western folk and soft rock songs, but also some Thai songs.

This bar is owned by a Thai lady named Chrissy, who is originally from Pattaya.  She got into the craft beer scene after first tasting Paulaner beer eleven years ago, and discovering that there was more to beer than Singha and Chang.  Interestingly, she is a Christian – which I discovered after inquiring as to why there was Christian iconography  adorning the center of the bar (sorry for the blurry photo):

Chrissy is enthusiastic and hands-on, and very friendly.

The Loft Bar has a kitchen , with a fairly extensive  menu.   I had a couple of Thai dishes – which were prepared in traditional Thai rural style – including bones, gristle, etc – not “sanitized” for western tastes.  The food was excellent.

The bar has all sorts of interesting decorations – all of the “candles” are actually plastic and electronic:

Once again, note the Journey of La Trappe promotional announcement on every table.

The bar has no toilets of it own.  To reach the Bizzo mall toilets on this floor, you exit the bar, and walk straight ahead perhaps 40 meters, until you reach the shops on the far side – then look to your right:

The toilet symbols next to the fire extinguishers point down a short passageway to the left. Toilets were clean and well-maintained.

The Loft Bar has a “craft beer buffet” special that runs Monday to Thursday, from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm.   The cost is 1,099 baht, and you can drink as much draft beer as you want.   Every weekday, during those same hours. all beers are 25% off.

Having now visited almost 60 different craft beer bars over the past 60 days, this bar stands out to me as one of the best bars to visit, as part of a group.    I really enjoyed my visit to this bar.

Happy hour specials Monday through Thursday, 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm:  “Craft beer buffet” – draft beers only 1,099 baht for all you can drink.   Otherwise: 25% off all beers.

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