Jim’s Burgers & Beers / Three Musketbeers – Ari

Soi Ari Samphan 3, Rama 6 Road, Samsen Nai, PhayaThai, Bangkok 10400


Open daily except Sunday, from 5:00 pm until midnight

These two venues occupy side-by-side shop houses, with a open connecting doorway inside, and with all products from each side available on the other side.   So – I am treating these adjoining businesses as one venue.

To illustrate:

Three Musketbeers in center of photo, with Jim’s Burgers & Beers next door, behind the red motorcycle.

The interior connecting doorway:

The same doorway, from the other side:

The eight draft beers available on tap inside Three Musketbeers:

The five draft beers available on tap inside Jim’s Burgers & Beers:

Additional comment – May 2018:  On a recent visit, the bars had changed their chalkboard beer menus, such that the menus now display just one price – and that price is for their SMALLEST serving size – which is probably about 300 ml net serving size.   So – if you want to drink a real pint, make sure that you look at the pricing on their written menu.   Pints are generally about 100 baht more expensive than what is displayed on the wall-mounted chalkboards.

The common draft beer menu:

Note that they have three serving sizes – 300 ml, 450 ml, and 600 ml – all served in the same cylindrical jar – just filled to different levels.  No ++ pricing – what you see is what you pay.

On the Jim’s Burgers & Beer side, they have a pair of beer coolers holding around 65 bottles of imported foreign craft beers:

On the Three Musketbeers side, they have one cooler, holding about 15 different imported Thai expatriate beers:

Food from Jim’s side is also served at Three Musketbeers.  And- you pay just one bill for everything consumed from both sides.

It is about a kilometer and a half walk to reach this venue from the nearest BTS station.

To get here, travel to Ari BTS  Station, then head for Exit 3.   At the end of the Skywalk ramp at Exit 3, you can only go left – to your right, an “up” escalator is delivering incoming travelers.   Descend to street level, then double-back to your right, and walk maybe 80 meters to where a road (Phahanyothin Soi 7) cuts in from the left.  Take a left onto that intersecting road, and walk along Phahanyothin Soi 7 for 250 meters, until you come to Soi Ari 3.  Take a left at Soi Ari 3, and you now have a walk of about 650 meters to Rama VI Road, Soi 30.    At Soi 30, turn right,  and proceed about 80 meters, to Soi Ari Samphan 3, which will appear to your left front:

There is a Cantina restaurant on that corner.  Three Musketbeers and Jim’s Burgers & Beer are the next two shops on Soi 30, just beyond this Cantina:

The Jim’s side can seat four at the bar – but these seats appeared to be unused. There were also three two-person tables, three tables that might seat four each, if in a pinch, and one picnic-style table that could seat four comfortably, or six, if crowded together.

The Three Musketbeers side had two two-person tables, three tables that might seat four each, if in a pinch, and two picnic-style tables that could seat  six each.

One noteworthy point:  visiting here on both a Monday and a Tuesday night – between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm – most of the larger tables were reserved, right from the time the bar opened – and were not available until after 8:00 pm.  A lot of “regulars” apparently dominate the clientele for several hours after daytime businesses close (and the traffic outside is unbroken).

They specialize in burgers here – including one chicken variation, and one barbecued pork rib meat burger.   They have around eight basic choices, and you can then customize the buns, and the toppings.  They also offer two sizes of burger.  On my next visit, I will try to capture and add a photo of the burger menu.

Smoking is allowed only outside – in front of Jim’s there was one two-seat bench plus an ashtray stand.  In front of Three Musketbeers, there was one outside table with two chairs, plus one two-seat bench with a narrow counter for drinks.

Lots of interesting decoration here:

The toilet for both sides is upstairs at Jim’s Burgers and Beer – and the stairway is somewhat precarious to access – at rear of the bar.  At top of the stairs, you must double back around to your left:

The toilet is the farther of the two doors in the photo above. It is quite compact  – about one meter square:

Nothing fancy, but reasonably clean.

Also upstairs on Jim’s side, in a room across the stair landing from the toilet,  there was a room that clearly used to be used – and is maybe still used on very busy nights, but it was not in use during my visit:

There was only one video screen between the two bars – located near the rear of Jim’s Burgers and Beer.  It was showing a Thai drama, with sound turned off.

Music was modern pop, played at comfortable level.

I have visited this location three times – and have never seen any other foreigner here.  Mostly young Thais.


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