Jim’s Burgers and Beers – Udom Suk

3095 Sukhumvit Road, near intersection of Sukhumvit and Sukhumvit Soi 101/1, Bangchak, Prakhanong, Bangkok 10260


Ope daily, 5:00 pm until midnight.

Newly-opened in October 2018, this venue is located just 40 meters from the Intersection of Sukhumvit and Sukhumvit Soi 101/1 .

This location is just about equidistant from both the Punnawithi and Udom Suk BTS Stations – with Punnawithi maybe 50 meters closer.  Take Exit 1 from Udom Suk BTS Station – keep walking 240 meters until you reach the bar, slightly below street level on your right.

Or  (particularly if it is raining) use Exit 6 from Punnawithi BTS Station – and upon reaching a pedestrian bridge passing over Sukhumvit, continue straight through a doorway (where red arrow is pointing, below) that gives access to the long sky-walk that extends far into the distance:

Continue walking down the sky-walk for about 450 meters until it ends by linking up with another large, covered pedestrian bridge over Sukhumvit.  Exit through the doorway shown at red arrow below, and turn left onto that bridge:

At end of bridge,  descend to your right, to sidewalk level.  Then proceed straight ahead to cross Soi 101/1.  Continue straight for another 35 meters, and the bar will be on your left, slightly below street level.   From the sidewalk , you can look down through the windows at the front of the bar to see:

In  these early days in the bar’s life cycle, there really is no exterior sign that is visible when approaching from the sidewalk.   There is a large illuminated sign above the front of the bar, but you really cannot see it unless you are standing in the street (which is very busy at this location):

Here is an indoor shot of the entire bar, taken from near the entrance:

Looking from the bar toward the front, you see this:

The bar has ten draft beers on tap – about 30% of which are true “craft” beers:

There is also one double-wide beer cooler containing maybe 60 different beers , 50 of which are proper craft beers:

They have an extensive burger menu, which lets you “customize” your burger fairly well – and  they a lso offer fish and chicken “burgers,” a s well as pork ribs, and quesadillas.

There is one video screen.  There is international pop music playing, at moderate level.  With fairly bare walls, sounds reflect noticeably within the room, making it rather noisy.

The bar has five tables for two, three tables for four, and a long “plank” table running down the middle of the bar, which can seat eight to twelve persons.  There are also three very low stools at the bar.

Toilet is at rear of the bar, down a short hallway that runs behind and yo the right of the bar, as you face it.   Toilet contains one sit down toilet and one urinal.  Clean and spacious.

Parking is available on the two side streets closest to the bar, in the direction of Udom Suk BTS.

It is early days yet, but clientele appeared to be about 90% Thai, and 1o% westerners.

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