J Bar & Cafe

Khlong Toei 1108/20 Sukhumvit Road Phra Khanong Bangkok 10110 Thailand


Open daily except Wednesdays, Sunday through Tuesday, 5:00 pm until midnight. Thursday through Saturday, 5:00 pm until 1:00 am.

This is a quiet little bar, run by a British gent named Paul.  It is directly across the street from W District in Prakhanong.

This open air bar is located on the ground floor of a building on a street corner, with two sides open to what are more like parking lots, than streets.  This is a spacious, relaxing bar, a bit off the beaten path.

To get to this bar, travel to Prakhanong BTS Station, and use Exit 4, taking the stairs down to your left, then walk 90 meters to the busy intersection where Rama IV Road intersects Sukhumvit Road.  Cross Rama IV Road, and continue walking east for 80 more meters, until you reach an overhead pedestrian bridge that spans Sukhumvit.  There will be a soi to your right, exactly in line with the stairway down from the bridge,  Turn right into that soi – which is more like a canyon between tall buildings on both sides.  Walk down this alley until you reach a”T” intersection – which is effectively a parking lot that goes in both directions, at the base of  the Sukhumvit Plus condo.  J Bar & Cafe will be nestled into the corner to your right.

If you want to avoid crossing busy Rama IV Road, you can also exit Prakhanaong BTS Station using Exit 3, then double-back to your right and travel 200 meters East along Sukhumvit until you see Tom Toms Coffee on your left.  Directly in front of that coffee shop is a pedestrian overpass that spans Sukhumvit. Walk across this pedestrian bridge, and when you descend the stairs on the far side, continue walking straight ahead down the alley directly in front of you, 100 meters – J Bar & Cafe will be the last shop on your right.

They have no draft craft beers, but they have about 15eight different bottled craft beers here, in a cooler behind the left end of the bar.  Brewdog Punk IPA, Flying Dog Pale Ale, and Fuller’s ESB were the beers that I drank on my first visit.

One large video screen here, normally tuned to a sporting match, with volume turned down.

Easy listening western pop music plays at low background level.  Although it is an open air bar, fans are positioned so as to keep air flowing  through the bar, and its stays comfortable.  The bar seats maybe eight persons, and another 30 to 40 guests can be seated at tables spread out across the dining area.

There is a toilet off to the left, as you face the bar – it is small, clean, well-maintained.

They have a full kitchen here, serving both Thai and western dishes:

On my visit, I had the tagliatelle of beef, which was inexpensive, and quite tasty.

There is parking in every direction, immediately outside the bar.

This is good bar to relax and collect your thoughts, or to bring friends and sit in a relaxing environment with good beer, and good (and inexpensive) food, and discuss the topics of the day.

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