HOBs Aree Garden

62 Aree Samphan Soi 11, Aree Rama VI Rd., Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai Bangkok 10400



Open daily, 11:00 am until 1:00 am, but serves alcohol only after 5:00 pm

HOB’s Aree Garden is one of seven HOBs locations dispersed throughout Bangkok.   This particular venue is located on the second floor of a small  community mall,called Aree Garden, which located on Rama VI Road, Soi 30, about 1.5 kilometers east of Ari BTS Station.

To get to HOBs Aree Garden. take the Skytrain to Ari BTS Station, then head for Exit 3.   At the end of the Skywalk ramp at Exit 3, you can only go left – to your right, an “up” escalator is delivering incoming travelers.   Descend to street level, then double-back to your right, and walk maybe 60 meters to where a road (Phahanyothin Soi 7) cuts in from the left.  Take a left onto that intersecting road, walk another 30 meters to Ari Soi 1, and cross that soi, continuing down Phahanyothin Soi 7 to get clear of the Ari Soi 1 intersection.  At this point, I suggest taking a moto-taxi or regular taxi to the bar. Ask to be taken to Ari Garden Ari Samphan 11.  Regardless of how  you travel, the route will continue 200 meters farther down Phahanyothin Soi 7 to Ari Soi 3, then turn left.  Travel 700 meters along Soi Ari 3, until you reach the first real road intersection – which is Rama VI Road, Soi 30.  Turn right – and travel 500 meters farther to Soi Ari Samphan 11.  Aree Garden will be right on that  intersection, as you approach.  TO show the proximity of mall to soi, I offer this photo, taken from just past Soi 11, looking back:

The parking lot entrance is to the left side of the above photo.   Here is a view of the spacious parking lot, which has separate spaces for only 12 cars:

You continue across that parking lot to the wide entrance, with ramp in the middle, flanked by steps on both sides.  Once you pass through that entrance you encounter a grass courtyard, with HOBs visible on the far side, by looking upward (see first photo in this article for that view).

To reach HOBs, proceed to the left rear corner of the courtyard, where there is a stairway.

A less sinister view of that stairway:

At the top of the stairs, you are basically delivered to the open air outside deck of HOBs, with the bar entrance just to your left front:

Note that the near right side of the above photo is a mirror, reflecting back the tables on the left side of the photo.

Entering the bar, you can see the main dining area off to your right:

Once again, the upper center third of the above photo is a mirror, meaning that the dining area is smaller than it appears in the photo.

The interior dining area has three tables that seat six persons each (visible in the photo above), plus four tables for two persons  each.  There are five seats along the bar:

There are also four seat along a counter that runs along one wall:

On the open-air outside deck, there is one table for six persons, seven tables for four persons each, and three tables for two persons.

The bar has eight draft beer taps, dedicated as follows:  Five rotating taps:  Two taps for standard Hoegaarden, one tap for Hoegaarden Rose,  and  one tap each for Leffe Blond and Leffe Braun.  Dedicated taps:  one tap for Boddingtons,  one tap for Stella Artois, and one tap for Brewdog Punk IPA (but they were out of this particular beer when I visited).

Behind the bar they have beer coolers with a wide assortment of bottled craft beers:

This venue has   a kitchen which serves a full menu – which happens to be a menu that is common to all HOBs outlets, and may be viewed at http://www.houseofbeers.com/food_menu.php

The bar has two video screens – one inside, high and to the left of the bar as you face it, and another screen on the outdoor deck, positioned above the main bar entrance, and facing the seating area.

Music is recent international pop music, played at moderate level.

Smoking is allowed only in the outside seating area.

The bartender indicated that clientele at this bar are 90% Thai, and 10% foreigners.

As noted in the second photo of this article, there is off street parking available at Aree Garden – but there are only 12 parking spaces.  This is paid parking, but HOBs can stamp your parking voucher, to give you a maximum of two hours free parking.  On-street parking is available on Rama VI Road, Soi 30 in front of Aree Garden – in this area, the street has six wide lanes, and parking is no problem.

The bar has no toilets of its own . To reach the mall toilets, descend the stairs, and then turn left – the toilets are at the end of a short passageway that extends off to the left of the alcove shown in the photo below:

I visited in the early evening on a public holiday – the bar was empty.  I think that this place does better business on workdays.

A final note:  in this area, several of the connecting sois between Rama VI Road sois 30 and 28 (including sois Ari Samphan 10 and 11, which flank Aree Garden) are blocked off to prevent through traffic – see https://bangkokbeerguru.com/advisory-blocked-roads-in-rama-vi-ari-area/ for details.

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