Hair of the Dog – Ploenchit

2nd Floor, Mahatun Plaza. 888/26 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330



Open daily except Sunday, 5:00 pm until midnight.

This is the original Hair of the Dog craft beer bar in Bangkok, now accompanied by its sister bar at Phrom Phong.  It is located adjacent to the Ploenchit BTS Station, on the second floor of Mahatun Plaza, directly above longstanding Mexican Restaurant La Monita.  Unlike its sister bar at Phrom Phong, this bar is closed on Sundays.

From Ploenchit BTS Station, take Exit 2 down to street level, then double back to your left to head east along Ploenchit Road for 60 meters, until you come to the drive-through parking lot that fills the gap between  the two buildings of Mahatun Plaza. Turn right into that drive-through parking area and go another 90 meters, and you will see La Monita Taqueria on your left, just past the Osito Spanish restaurant.  Head toward the entrance to La Monita. IMMEDIATELY to the right of that entrance is a stairwell heading up to the second floor.  Take those stairs. When you reach the second floor, turn right, and take about six steps – and the entrance doors to Hair of the Dog will be on your right.

Here is  a photo of those doors taken from an approach from the opposite direction along the second floor (the stairwell landing is just out of sight at right edge of this photo):

Entering this bar, you immediately discover that the selected theme of this bar is mortuary/medical examiners autopsy room.  All surfaces are brushed stainless steel, the walls are bare concrete, the lighting is clinical lamps:

The bar can comfortably seat about  24 customers, maybe 30 in a pinch.  But – on its busiest nights,  it might have  40 patrons – standing room only.

The bar has 13 rotating craft beers on tap, with the offerings clearly displayed on a large placard behind the bar:

Their current tap list is displayed online at

Additionally the bar has maybe  80 or 90 different bottled craft beers available in coolers behind the bar, underneath the taps.

Note that pricing at this bar is “++” – which typically adds 17.7% to you bill.   Keep that in mind when running up a tab here.

No standard video screens here, although they do have a black and white  monitor showing autopsy and similar macabre programming, high on the wall, near the bar entrance.  The entire bar is decorated in a manner consistent with a morgue.

The music here tends more toward hard rock and heavy metal.   Staff and customers at this bar tend to sport a relatively heavy distribution of tattoos.  But – it is a good hearted and welcoming bunch of folks.

The toilet here is ….. spartan.    Made of stainless steel (“cellblock chic”), no toilet seat, dim lighting, and – to top off the effect – a somber recorded tape is played on a continuous loop at low level, reciting an autopsy report, or something similar.

The bar is owned by Mike MacDonald and Pete Spalding:

Mike at left rear, with Pete at center rear. The rest are bartenders/service staff – who continually rotate between this bar and its sister bar at Phrom Phong.

Despite the ominous appearance of the bar, the culture of both Hair of the Dog bars is playful.  They come up with promotional events and celebrations for most western holidays:

They also have a particular fondness for honoring certain movies, such as:

Star Wars:

Every time there is a Friday the 13th, both bars celebrate with pricing specials – such as: every 13th pour is free to the customer who ordered it.

Inexpensive paid parking is available from Mahatun Plaza.

This bar and its counterpart at Phrom Phong have a customer loyalty program the operates via a mobile phone app – you can accrue points via your purchases that can accumulate into future discounts.  To join the program, just ask a member of the bar staff to assist you  – or scan this QR code:


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