Duke of Beerington

838 Sukhumvit Road, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand


Open every day except Monday, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, and from 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm.

Well, until the end of 2019, the Duke of Beerington used to be located in the exterior courtyard of a restaurant called Toby’s, located right off the Sukhumvit Soi 38 sidewalk, 650 meters south of Sukhumvit Road.

But – as of January 2020, the Duke of Beerington relocated to the ground floor of the SK Tower building, located about  125 meters from the point where the Exit 4 stairwell from Thonglor BTS Station reaches the Sukhumvit sidewalk.

At the bottom of that stairway, walk straight ahead until you are directly opposite a 7-11 store located on the opposite (north) side of Sukhumvit Road.  At that point, there will be a large automobile passageway that turns right (south), leading about 40 meters to the entrance-way of an 8-story apartment building called  SK Tower.  Here is what that passageway, and the SK Tower Building, look like during daylight:

The following photo shows the nighttime view of the 7-11 Shop (across Sukhumvit Road) from the automobile passageway pack to SK Tower:

As you approach the entrance to SK Tower, you will see the Duke of Beerington bottle shop to the right side of the building entrance-way.  You must actually climb a few steps to enter the building’s entrance area, and then immediately enter through a glass doorway to your right, into the bar.  The following photo shows how the bar occupies the space extended from the right side of the building entrance-way:

As you walk along the vehicle entrance-way leading from the Sukhumvkit sidewalk to the bar, there are several single-story oriental restaurants on the right side  of the passage-way (you can see them in the above photo).

Once you climb the stairs and enter the building, the glass doorway into the bar is immediately to your right:

The bar is fairly compact – with seating for about 18 to 20 customers.  The photo below is taken from the toilet alcove, looking toward the bar entrance  (at the right rear of the photo):

The bar sells only bottles and cans of craft beer, from a row of beer coolers:

This bar also offers take-away beers, and you can order delivery by phone  – call 092-887-7141.

Their beer coolers, contain more than 100 canned and bottled craft beer – with a very good selection:

The following photo shows the alcove that leads to the one toilet adjacent to the bar’s seating area – located on the left side of the alcove.  It contains both a men’s urinal, and a women’s sit-down toilet, which are both brand new, and in good shape:

There are no video screens here.  Music was western easy-listening music, played at a low background level.

Limited parking is available outside for motorcycles.  Outside, you can load and unload from a car – but there is almost no real parking available.

Smoking is permitted only outside of the bar – and the building.

They have their opening schedule on the glass doorway facing the building entrance-way :

The Duke of Beerington is a one-man show, reflecting the investment of Khun “Um”, who runs the craft beer operation all by himself.  Khun Um is very friendly, and very appreciative of visitors.  He speaks fluent English, at one point having lived for seven years in the UK.

The beer selection was superior here – they had almost all of my very favorite beers!

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