Dok Kaew House Bar

71 Soi Sassana (Rama VI, Soi 28), Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400 Thailand


Open daily, 5:00 pm until midnight.

Dok Kaew House Bar is a converted residential home located on an obscure soi about 100 meters east of Rama VI Road, just off Rama VI, Soi 28.

Using mass transit, it is located a long 2 kilometer walk from Ari BTS Station.  Exit Station via Exit 3.  At street level, double back 180 degrees to your right, walk 70 meters to Phahon Yothin Soi 7, turn left, walk 175 meters to Soi Ari 3, and turn left.  You now have a 650 meter walk to a “T” intersection with Rama VI, Soi 30.  At Soi 30, you turn right, and walk about 260 meters to Soi Ari Samphan 6, and then turn left.    Walk 550 meters until you reach the “T” intersection with Rama VI Soi 28, aka Soi Satsana.  Turn right, walk 230 meters to Soi Ari Sampham 10.   Turn right  onto this soi, and about 20 meters into the soi, you will see the scene in the photo above.

It is a long walk.  Alternately, you may also take either a Tuk Tuk, or moto-taxi from the intersection of Soi Ari 1 with Phahon Yothin Soi 7.

Once you get to the house, you first take your shoes off at the base of a set of steps – there is a brownish wicker rack – visible just right of center in the photo above – where you can deposit your shoes.  What you will see:

The entrance to the main  bar area is just past the light blue fan above, and then to the right.

Upon entry, you will see a chalk menu board straight ahead, listing ten draft craft beers available on tap:

I visited on a Monday – and they had only eight draft beers available on that particular day.

Looking to your right you see the taps, which are behind the bar:

Looking to your left, you will see the beer cooler:

They have a good selection of about 60 bottled craft beers – a mixture of foreign imports, and of imported Thai expatriate beers.

For draft beer, their standard serving size is about 280 ml.  All prices here are net — no added charges.

They serve no “regular” Thai beers, nor any wine, liquor, or cocktails. This place is just craft beer – plus waster and soft drinks (Coke, Sprite and Fanta)  for non-drinking “designated drivers”.

Here is a photo of the main room, taken from stairway in one corner of the room:

Seating here is “eclectic” – a wild mixture of all sorts of  table and chairs. The “L” shaped bar counter has a total of seven seats.   The main room has one low table with seating for four persons, plus a sofa that is located along one wall, with a small table off to one end.  There are the two side rooms, each with a mixture of different types of tables and chairs:

The bar is not air-conditioned, but there are fans everywhere.  Although the bar is open to the outside air through the windows and open doorway, I noticed no mosquitoes or other insects.

There are additional tables and seats on the front veranda, near the bar entrance.  There is also a covered outdoor seating area, on one side of the building:

All in all, there is seating for about 40 customers indoors, and for another 25 visitors outdoors.

The bartender advised that clientele was about 80% Thais, and 20% foreigners.  On the night of my visit, I was the only foreigner, out of about 25 customers.

There are no video screens here.  There is current Thai-language pop music playing in the background here, at comfortable level.

They do serve food here, but the food menu is Thai language only, with no photos or other hints for non-speakers of Thai.  I ordered barbecued beef, and barbecued pork – each for 170 baht.   Each plate came with slice cucumbers, and with “jaew” sauce.  The food was good – but the serving size was quite small.  Just chopsticks,  no other utensils.

To reach the toilets, you pas through the doorway between the draft beer menu and the beer cooler, then turn left:

few steps further on, you come to separate toilets for men and women.  Viewed from a back room:

The men’s toilet was  very spacious, with both a sit-down toilet and urinal.  Clean and well-maintained.

There is no parking at the bar, nor on the soi outside.  Bar staff indicated that parking was available nearby, at the edges of a very large intersection near where  Rama VI Intersects with Soi 30, perhaps 100 meters west of the bar.

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