Devilish Chews & Brews

29-29/1 Sukhumvit Soi 101/1 Road Di Wavery Place Community Mall, Bang Chak, Phra Khanong, Bangkok 10260



Open daily except Monday, 5:00 pm until midnight

This is a small restaurant located two doors away from Craft Intersect 2 craft beer bar, both of which are located in a small community plaza that surrounds a grassy courtyard called Di Wavery Place, and located on the northern side of Sukhumvit Soi 101/1, about 250 meters east of Sukhumvit Road.

This location is just about equidistant from both the Punnawithi and Udom Suk BTS Stations – with Punnawithi maybe 50 meters closer.  Take Exit 1 from Udom Suk BTS Station – keep walking 650 meters down Sukhumvi to Soi 101/1.  Or head toward Exit 3 from Punnawithi BTS Station – but instead of taking that exit, continue walking down the skywalk until it joins a pedestrian bridge over Sukhumvit, and turn left on that bridge, and then descend to sidewalk level – then keep walking 600 meters along Sukhumvit, to Soi 101/1.

Turn onto Soi 101/1, and travel east for 200 meters.  On your left (the north side of the road)  you will come to  a sign for Di Wavery Place:

You can see the red “Devilish” panel on the sign above.  If you arriving by car, this where you turn in to park, behind the row of restaurants.

Twenty meters past this sign you will come to the plaza entrance way on your left – the plaza being a series of shops encircling a grassy courtyard, with a gap leading in from the sidewalk, into the courtyard.  Directly across the courtyard, effectively “framed” by the sides of the courtyard entrance-way, you will see Craft Intersect 2.  Two doors to the right of Craft Intersect 2 is Devilish Eats:

Entrance doorway at let side of photo above.  The restaurant is quite small.  Inside, they have three standard tables that seat four persons each, three smaller tables that seat two persons each

They also have two booth-type seating sections, with sofa-type seating. that can each seat four persons:

They also have two tables outside, in front of the bar, which can each seat four persons.   Smoking is permitted only in this outside seating.

They have five draft beers on tap, but on my visit it was all lagers, wheat, or cider

But – they do have a cooler full of bottled craft beers:

Several,choices each from Deschutes, Stone, Holgate, Tuatara, Rogue, and from the Brussels Beer Project.

The restaurant has one video screen, which was not in use during my visit.   Pop music was playing a subdued level in the background.

No toilets inside the bar.   The plaza has toilets – to reach them, you make a hard left exiting the bar, and take your next two  possible lefts.  Toilets are nothing fancy, but clean and serviceable.

This restaurant has a website – but it is one of the most annoying websites that I have ever suffered to visit.  It is incredibly slow loading – despite my having fiber optic cable ADS, the website’s home page takes almost FIVE MINUTES to load.

You can then select to see the drinks menu or the food menu.  But – when you try to select one of these pages, the screen locks up for maybe 90 seconds, at which point a pop-up appears, telling you that the restaurant is presently closed.  Only after you dismiss that popup can you access the page you are seeking.  Then – if you want to go to another page – you have to endure the 90-second delay with the pop-up announcement.

If you have unlimited patience,  you can see their menu here:  and their craft beer offerings here:

They post their daily specials on a wall-mounted chalkboard:

All of their beer comes from Australia.

The proprietor of Devilish Eats is Mr Andrew, from Australia.  He is assisted by Thai “Patrick”, his jovial assistant.  They are enthusiastic and attentive.

This restaurant featuring craft beers, and Craft Intersect 2 craft beer bar, are located just ten meters apart – which makes for a good target to visit.

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