Daddy G’s Smoke & Brew

45 Rama IX Soi 53 Suanluang Bangkok, Thailand 10250


Open daily, 11:00 am until midnight

Daddy G’s is a spacious place with ample covered outdoor seating.  It is built into the ground floor of the Onyx Hotel, and actually extends a bit out in front of the hotel.  The Onyx Hotel is located on Rama IX, Soi 53, and stands isolated away from any nearby structures, making it very easy to find, once you get close:

The way I got to the bar was on foot, from the Hua Mark Station of the Airport Rail Link.  But – this is not a very  pleasant walk.  I first traveled to Petchaburi MRT Station, the exited using Exit 1, then followed signs to the Makkasan Rail Link Station, which is contiguous with the MRT Station.  I bought my “ticket” (actually a reddish plastic token) from a ticket machine for 20 baht, to Hua Mak Station.   The wait between trains seemed to be about 15 minutes.  Hua Mak is the second station – about ten minutes ride from Makkasan.  At Hua Mak station, exit to ground level, and you are in a parking lot. I suggest going to the far right, where there is a covered walkway.  You can walk  250 meters, under cover, all the way to Srinagarindra Road – with one zig-zag along the way.

Once you reach the very busy road, you face the daunting task of crossing the road – which has five lanes in each direction. Thankfully, there is a wide central median of grass and bushes.  I suggest bearing left about 20  meters to where railroad tracks cross the street.  You then simply have to pick your timing, and brazen your way across, stopping at the median island at midpoint of your crossing.

Once you reach the far side of Srinagarindra Road, turn right, and walk along the sidewalk for 850 meters, staying to your left when the road separates – follow the signs to Rama IX Road.  . Once you cross Soi 66, slow down – and cross the road to your right as soon as you reach the spot where you can double-back along a road that merges from the right:

You want cross over the zebra stripes and the go back to the right in the above photo, along the sidewalk.  Less than one hundred meters on, you will see on the opposite side of the road the outlet path of a U-Turn lane, marked with a zebra pattern (see where the red arrow points in the photo below):

You have to brave the traffic, cross the street, and backtrack “against the flow” (of cars) around that U-turn loop to the left, to the road on the opposite side of the barrier. You then have to cross that very busy road to reach the sidewalk on the far opposite side.  Be careful: the main flow of traffic sometime slows to an intermittent crawl, but ONCOMING traffic in the oncoming U-turn lane can still move very quickly.

Once you reach the sidewalk on the far side of Rama IX Road, turn left.  Walk 250 meters to Soi 53, and turn right onto that soi.   About 250 meters in from Rama IX stands the Onyx Hotel, all by itself, as shown in the lead photo.

When you approach the front of the hotel, you see the outdoor deck of Daddy G’s:

Outdoors, they have a total of 14 four-person tables, five two-person tables, and a rail along one window into the interior with four stools.  So – seating for 70 persons outside.

Smoking is permitted only in the outside seating area.

The interior had three main rooms. Just inside the entrance from the deck shown above is a room with two four-person tables, plus one very long table that can seat 18 persons:

This is the room that also has the bar at one end – but there is no seating at the bar:

Yaksa Brewery evidently operates this venue. Not only do they have the enormous sign behind the bar, Yaksa Pale Ale is the only bottled beer that they presently offer – they have an entire large cooler containing only Yaksa bottles with the green label!

A close-up of the craft beer tap list  behind the bar:

They have total of 17 craft beers on tap, most of them offered in two sizes.

There are two other rooms – one overlooking the “smokers” for meats  – it has two four-person tables, plus an eight-person table.

There is also a third room that has the open kitchen at one end, and which also has an indoor entrance-way from the neighboring hotel:

The view toward the kitchen:

This room has six tables, each for four persons. So – inside seating for about 74 persons, total.

They offer a good selection of barbecued meats, along with some Thai dishes. I had a beef brisket burger, and it was quite good.

Music here was recent international pop music, played at a very low, background level.  There are two video screens, which were showing a football match during my visit.

During my visit, of about 30 total patrons, I was one of only two foreigners.  But – everything was in English.  I assume that clientele here is predominantly  Thai – probably greater than 90%.

The toilets are inside the hotel, off the hotel lobby, down short passageway near the elevators – they were spotless:

The elevators are right next to the interior entrance into Daddy G’s:

There is ample, well-lighted off-street parking across the street from the hotel:

If driving here, simply travel via Rama IX from the direction of Ratchadapisek Road, and turn left at Soi 53, and the left into the parking lot shown above.

Monday through Wednesday, from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm, if you order a small craft beer, they will give you the large version of that beer instead, at the small beer price.

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