Sukhumvit Soi 69/1, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110


Open daily, 3:00 pm until midnight

Craftpital is the offspring of the now shuttered Dog In Yard bar that formerly operated along the approach driveway to the W Market beer garden.  It is located along one edge of the W Market, and uses the tap system, beer cooler and some of the furniture that were previously at Dog In Yard:

Khun Minnie of Dog In Yard fame is still in charge, and she brought that bar’s staff with her.  Unfortunately, due to space constraints, she is no longer able to serve hot dogs (or any other food).

Minnie attended Depaul University in Chicago, Illinois, USA – and she displays an American flag  in remembrance of good times she had in the USA:

To get to this bar, take the BTS to Prakhanong Station, and exit using Exit 3.  At street level, double back to your right 180 degrees, and then walk 150 meters to the entrance to W District, crossing Soi 69 along the way.  You will turn left just before reaching a pedestrian bridge that crosses above Sukhumvit Road, on your right.  When you turn left off the sidewalk, this is what you will see:

You will want to turn left in front of the 7 Eleven store that you see in the left background, in the photo above.  You will then see the roadway going back toward the W Market area:

Referencing the photo above, you will want to proceed ahead and bear to your right,  as the building curves to the right.   You will then see the scene below – and you need to follow the road as it next curves left:

As you proceed around to the left, you will see to your right front the entrance to  the W District’s outdoor  market :

As you approach the W District sign in the photo above, this is what you will see:

The Craftpital bar is visible in the background of the photo above – here is an enlargement, with an arrow pointing to the tap handles at Craftpital:

So – you will actually need to head back to the left rear of the market area, bordering Pridi Banomyong Soi 3.     Standing in front of the bar, it will look like this:

There are two seats at the bar, and seven tables that seat two persons each:

Their seating area currently spreads in front of a neighboring shop, which is presently unoccupied.  There were ashtrays at every table.

They have six draft craft beers on tap:

On my visit, they had only a small handful of different bottled craft beers available – almost all of which were imported Thai expatriate beers:

But – they had just recently opened the bar, so I suspect that they will soon be rebuilding their inventory of bottled craft beers.

No video screens.  Music was recent pop music playing from a lone speaker that was atop the left side of the bar counter.

Motorcycle parking is available ten meters off to the left of the bar, as you face it – along Soi Pridi Banomyong 3.

As mentioned, the bar offers no food itself.  But – the central beer garden at W Market is ringed by all sorts of food shops, and you welcome to order food to eat at the bar.

The bar has no toilets of its own – the W Market beer garden toilets are just 35 meters away, in the right rear corner of the beer garden area, as viewed from the entrance to the area described above.

The one limitation of the current setup  is that there is presently no overhead protection from rain.  One or two tables can fit under a slightly overhanging  roof of the neighboring vacant shop, and if you are seated at the bar counter, they reportedly will allow you to shift your chairs to the inboard side of the counter – but in a heavy (or windy) rainstorm, Craftpital bar patrons will probably need to run for cover elsewhere.

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