Burn Baby Burn

Din Daeng Bangkok 10400 Thailand

This bar is an outdoor bar located in the Talad Rot Fai Night Market 2, which occupies a large space behind the Esplanade Shopping Mall on Ratchadapisek Road.

Knowing exactly how to find this bar within the market is critical, because the market is a LARGE, confusing place. To illustrate:

So – follow these instructions closely.  First, travel to the Thailand Cultural Center MRT Station, and exit the Station using Exit 3.  When you reach the street, turn left and walk 35 meters to the driveway entrance to the Esplanade Mall.   Take an immediate left, before crossing the driveway/road.  In May of 2017, you will actually pass in front of a Thai Military Checkpoint set up in a tent at that spot :

You will see a walkway that skirts along the curving driveway into the Esplanade Mall parking facility:

Continue to follow this walkway, past the spirit house, and you will then see the market entrance, with its large sign:

Continue along the walkway, and enter through the main entrance (the barriers here were when market was not open);

From this point on.=, you simply remain on the roadway, always skirting the structures on your left.  You will curve around toward the right at:

Then, at “Hello Korea” – which you see at thew far right in the above photo – you will turn left, and you will see in the distance the Jawa Klub, about 150 meters ahead:

Once you reach the Jawa Klub, face right. In the distance you will see “Little Farm” – about 200 meters ahead:

If you look to the far right side of the above photo, you will see part of a rooftop sign – at same level as “Little Farm” – reading  “Burger Bike & Beer”. That is Burn Baby Burn:

They mostly sell bottled Thai artisanal beers:


They also serve food – mostly hot dog,  burgers, fries, chicken wings, fish and chips, and similar – sometimes also beef stew.   The food is quite good!

No video screens. The entire market is a cacophony of music and noise, with a steady stream of market goers passing by.

Burn Baby Burn seats about 25 people – at bench-style tables with stools. This is  a rough-hewn place.

Clientele is a mix of Thais and  foreigners – whoever stumbles past, and stops in.  Prices are low.

For toilets, you have to backtrack the way you came – on that long stretch that you walked between Jawa Klub and Little Farm – the toilets are on the right side as you go back, about 100 meters in front of Little Farm.  Cost to go in is 3 baht.  These are quite grubby toilets – not a place where you want to linger:

  Parking is available at Esplanade Mall.

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    No craft beer, when I was there.

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