Bottle Rocket Craft Beer Bar

226/7-8 Phahonyothin Road, Samsen-Nai , Phayathai, Bangkok Thailand 10400



Open daily, from 5:00 pm, until 12:00 midnight.

This bar is located right next to Sanam Pao BTS Station, on the second floor of a building that houses a Japanese restaurant (called Bukku Tonkatsu) on the ground level.    Use Exit 4  down from Sana Pao BTS Station, then turn right.  To get to Bottle Rocket, you need to climb up a stairway that is located to the left of the restaurant’s front display.

The stairway up is quite crude, and requires care.  Upon reaching the first flat space, you will find a sliding door to your right – this is the entrance to Bottle Rocket.   Slide it left, and enter.

The bar space contains about 14 tables – most of which have four seats.  Straight ahead upon your entrance to the bar is the actual serving bar – which has six stools along it.   Behind that bar are 20 taps – although on the day that I visited, only about 16 were actually servable.   I arrived early on a weekday, and there was no table service. I had to order at the bar – and I had to pay as I go – paying after each beer ordered.

There are display signs showing the beers that are supposed to be on tap, located behind – and far above – the service bar:

They also have about 85 canned and bottled beers available, in beer coolers located mostly on the right side of the bar (as you enter from the stairs).

From the entrance off the stairs, you look straight ahead to view the serving bar.  If you look to your left, accross the room you will see three doors:

The far left door is the entrance to the lady’s toilet.   The middle door is to the men’s toilet.   The right-most door is the exit door leading to the out-door smoking area.

The bar has a band-stand near the one  window that stands to the right of the room, as you enter ther bar from the stairway.   Arriving early, I just listened to the playlist being played – which was mostly Thai pop songs.

There is one video screen, located overhead in the left rear section of the room, as you enter from the stairway.  During my visit, it was mostly displaying spacecraft-oriented videos.    The owners/operators appear to have no real grasp of what a “bottle rocket” is.   As a child in America, I regularly fired  bottle rockets from soda bottles – typically around our 4th of July holiday.  Here is a video of an older guy test-firing an assortment of bottle rockets:

All in all, I was disppointed with this bar.   Their craft beer selection was extensive, but not very well chosen.  The “pay as you go” approach was unusual to me, and not welcome.  But – I was alone.  Coming here with a group of friends would be all right  – the only downside would be the fairly crude stairway up from street level.

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