Blue Bar – Brews & Bistro

95/3 Nanglinchi Road, Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand 10120


Open daily, except Sunday, 6:00 pm until 1:00 am

To get to this bar on foot, travel via BTS to Chong Nonsi Station, then take the long hike to the Sathorn-Narithiwat intersection, and  cross over that intersection to the BRT system bus station.  Purchase a ticket to the BRT stop at Thannon Chan.  Exit that station on the East side of Narithiwat Road, then head roughly south for about 30 meters to Chan Kao Road, and turn left onto that street.

Walk along Chan Kao Road  – 550 meter – until it reaches a major intersection with Nanglinchi Road    Cross Nanglinchi Road and turn left.  Walk 250 meters, crossing Soi 5 along the way.  As you approach the bar, you will pass in front of a  petrol station – the bar is just 40 meters past the far entrance-way into the petrol station, and as you approach, you will see a large circular Heretic Beer logo:


If you approach the bar from the west, along Nanglinchi Road, you will pass a bank, and the see this large wall mural – with the bar just past the wall, on the left :

Viewed from across the street (one hour before the bar opened) , the bar entrance is where the red arrow is pointing:

Once the bar opens, that dark space in the photo above becomes an attractive “tunnel”:

The bar actually has two sections – an open-air passageway that is about three meters wide, and twenty meters deep, and a narrow , indoor, air-conditioned section, that runs parallel to the tunnel.  The open-air section has two tables for two customers, and four tables that can each four persons.

The indoor section has three tables, that each seat two persons, plus one table for four.  The indoor section has a tap area, that is presently plumbed for six taps, although only five taps were in use on the evening that I most recently visited.

There are also two beer coolers inside – one tall one containing mostly wheat beers, along with some bottles of imported Thai expatriate beers, and a few bottles of Westvleteren beers, from Belgium:

There was also a smaller cooler, containing a good selection of imported bottles and cans:

Craft beer brands feature included Stone. Melvin, Tuatara, Pirate Life, Deschutes, Pararie, and De Molen.

The bar has a full kitchen, and it serves a good selection of western/European dishes – visit their Facebook site, to see more about their menu selections, which include German sausages, pork knuckle, burgers, and steak.  I had a  great Kurobota pork chop on my last visit.

There are no video screens here.  The music here is international pop music, played at a modest volume.

Smoking is permitted only in the open-air section of the bar.

There is a small toilet located at the rear of the air-conditioned section of the bar, behind the tap area.  Not a large space, but well-maintained.

The owners are a Thai couple – Khun Neetha, and her husband, Khun “Top.”  They both speak English, but the bar staff are weak in English-language skills.  But – all of the the menus are in English.  Service was good.  The owners indicated that there clientele was about 20% westerners, 80% Thai.  The service staff indicated that it was more like 90% Thai, 10% westerners.

Ample free parking is available less than 100 meters away, at a shopping mall located a short distance down Narithiwat Soi 3.  There is also a petrol station located 40 meters east of the bar – it was not clear to me how well that station would welcome parking by bar patrons.

This is a friendly, welcoming bar.

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