About This Website

        OK – so what is this all about?

This website directory is the creation of two American expats in Thailand – one doing technical, one doing content.  I am doing content.

One big question is :  what is the selection criteria as to which bars get covered?  Here are my criteria:

  1. I have to have visited the bar personally. I have 50 bars on my list – we are launching with 35 bars initially listed.  Probably, we will soon add a map icon with minimal detail listing, that represents a craft beer bar that we have identified, and which I will visit, but upon which I cannot yet comment.
  2. The bar has to have a craft beer focus.  Which begs the question: what is craft beer.   From my own perspective, to be included, a bar needs to either have at least ONE serious draft craft beer on tap, or to offer at  least five serious bottled craft beers.   To me, Hoegaarden,  Stella, and Leffe are NOT craft beers.  Neither are Guinness, Kilkenny, and Boddingtons.   Neither are Erdinger ,Paulaner and Weihenstephan wheat beers.   More controversially, if a bar sells only Greene King, Peroni, and/or Pilsner Urquell, it does not get included. If it sells ONLY Belgian beers, or German beers, it probably will not be included.  The top bar that got scratched from being included was The Pintsman – with only Triple Karmeliet and Palm beers in bottles.  The bottom bar that did get included was Beer Belly – with one Bear Republic, and one Coronado beer on draft.
  3.  I walk to all bars.  Strange.  I will end up making a few exceptions – Ko Kret is a long walk.  But – my listings give extreme detail on how to get to all bars on foot.  More than 70% of listed bars are within 10-12 minutes walk of either a BTS or MRT station.
  4. Photographs – I took some off the internet, to illustrate points of the narrative.  If you took a photo that I used, are in a photo that I used, or hold license rights to a photo that I used – and you want the photo removed, or credited to you, please contact us at info@bangkokbeerguru.com – and we will take the action you request.
  5. Craft beer is fun.    Enjoy!



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