20 New Music Videos – Selected During 2020

Well – just like back in 2017, and 2019 –  I still drink beer, and I still like to listen to music – all kinds of music.  This dates back to 2000-2002, when I used to be a DJ (Disk Jockey) at a small bar in Bangkok, in a section of Sukhumvit Road  – right before the street’s name changes to “Ploenchit Road” – in what use to be called  “Soi Zero” – or “Buckskin Joe’s Village.”  Basically, I had brought two shoe boxes full of music CD’s with me when I relocated from USA to Thailand in December 1999 – but I had nothing to play them on, and I preferred playing them for an audience.  I was talking Thai language classes at a place called Inlingua, in the Ploenchit/Chitlom area.   Somehow, I ended up at the “Rooster Bar” at Soi Zero, with my 80 CD’s.  I ended up playing them – maybe three or four nights per week – for no salary – but some customers would buy me beers.

At any rate – in order to again mix things up – I figured that I would for a third time do a blog post featuring a broad selection of music videos – selections that most visitors to this website may not find to be very familiar.

And – that is a good thing – expand your horizons!  I suspect that each visitor who takes the time to review the following 20 music videos will find at least a couple of selectiona that they will like.  And – every visitor is welcome to add a comment that suggests any music videos that you really enjoy – and would like to share.


20 Music Videos for 2020:


P.P. Arnold  (real name Patricia Ann Cole)– Performing Her Original Song – “The First Cut Is The Deepest” (originally written for her by Steven Demetre Georgiou – who later adopted the name ‘Cat Stevens’)  –  https://youtu.be/y1-g5VG2pWg  I had always heard this song being performed by Rod Stewart, but – she first introduced this song when she was 20 years old – in 1966.   The performance is a bit “rough” – but you can tell that she sings the words like they mean something to her.   If you like this performance, you might also appreciate her original performance of another well-known song – “Angel of the Morning”  https://youtu.be/US94q0e20Us.   Juice Newton later sang this song’s better known version:   https://youtu.be/HTzGMEfbnAw


Laura Branigan – Original Song – “Gloria”  – This is her “Official Music Video” performance, which was very well done https://youtu.be/nNEb2k_EmMg


The Outlaws –  “There Goes Another Love Song”  –  Just a song that I like :   https://youtu.be/PVfnGMiDDJQ


Jay Ferguson  – Original Song -“Thunder Island” –  https://youtu.be/PJMh0GJ6GWc  –  Until this year, I had never before heard of this guy!   I think that I’d heard the song before – but I had never  paid much attention to it.   It’s actually a pretty good song.


The Corrs – Performing Their Original Song – “Breathless”   – https://youtu.be/vzerbXFwGCE –    Another good song – well performed, in a good video.


The Mike Curb Congregation  –  Peforming their original song – “Burning Bridges” –  https://youtu.be/fW8uRpq6TlY –   which became the theme song of the Movie “Kelly’s Heroes”, starring Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, and Donald Sutherland.  Here’s the Kelly’s Heroes version, with lyrics displayed:  https://youtu.be/1sCo5GaDq7k


ABBA –   Performing their hit song –  “Dancing Queen” –   https://youtu.be/xFrGuyw1V8s   It’s a good song  – from a famous Swedish group.   I like it.


The Seekers – Performing Their Hit Song –  “I’ll Never Find Another You” –  https://youtu.be/wZf41UudAbI?t=19  This is a well-known Australian band – and I think that they represent that proud and honorable nation quite well.


Roxy Music –  Bryan Ferry Leading The Performance Of Their Original Song –  “More Than This”   –  https://youtu.be/kOnde5c7OG8 .  I like this song.   If you like it, you might also like another  Roxy Music original performance – “Avalon” – https://youtu.be/bpA_5a0miWk .


Vicki Sue Robinson  – Performing Her Original Song  –  “Turn The Beat Around” – https://youtu.be/vz9pZW5OvM4


Rasberries – Performing Their Original Song – “Go All The Way”  –  https://youtu.be/R5u25XGGo-E


Sanford-Townsend Band – Peforming Their Original Song –  “Smoke From A Distant Fire”   – https://youtu.be/wCWVuCCWqzQ


Edwyn Collins – Performing His 1994 Classic –   “A Girl Like You”  –  https://youtu.be/6oqJ0JpMj6I


Tom Petty  – Performing  “A Higher Place”  –  https://youtu.be/UBF1PIFBLdM


Shania Twain –  This Canadian Lady Performs Her Original Song – “That Don’t Impress Me Much” In An Entertaining Video – https://youtu.be/mqFLXayD6e8


Rewat Buddhinan  –  We are operating in Thailand, so we needed to add a Thai performer – This artist unfortunately died in 1996, shortly after his 48th birthday.  He was a founding member of the GMM Grammy organization.  Here he is performing his original song – “Murng Yai, Murng Nee” – https://youtu.be/4Rs_23F6VtY


The American Breed – Performing Their Original Classic – “Bend Me, Shape Me” –  https://youtu.be/PSHo146tQjQ


The Hooters –  Performing Their Original Song – “And We Danced”  –  https://youtu.be/1RXxZHpPqiM


The Lovin’ Spoonful  –  Performing Their Hit Song  – “Do You Believe In Magic”  –    https://youtu.be/ATY3-8PlCRw


Wang Chung  –  Here’s Their Classic  –  “Dance Hall Days”  –  https://youtu.be/n1TNLU-ydLA


OK – that’s 20 different artists – with a few “elaboration” video’s attached.  I really like this playlist.    Happy New Year everybody!!!!


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